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Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD Compatibility With PS5 Confirmed: Price, Release Date & More

If Sony is still lacking behind in hardware support, the manufacturers have to rush ahead. Seagate confirms the full PS5 compatibility of their new FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD.

Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD for the PS5 release date, price, and more

In any case, this already fulfills the technical requirements for the PS5 on paper, and the first practical tests followed with an indication of availability in August. According to Seagate, the FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD achieves a read speed of up to 7300 Mb/s, which is significantly more than the internal memory of the PS5 provided. The PS5 architecture can then push the data transfer speed up to 9Gb/s.

Jeff Park, Country Manager for Seagate Technology, commented currently this:

We have done some testing with Sony on the PlayStation 5 and today we can confirm that the FireCuda 530 with the heatsink has met all the PS5 requirements. With the PS5 design, the SSD card slot is very narrow, so there’s not much room for the SSD to mount. However, with the FireCuda 530 – even with the heatsink on the top – the slim design allows for it to fit. Of course, the FireCuda 530 without the heatsink is slimmer, so both of them will fit into the PS5.

Even if you already hold the Firecuda 530 SSD in your hands, it is still of no use, as Sony has blocked the SSD expansion of the PS5 on the software side. Seagate, however, refers to the official launch of their new SSD storage in August. Possibly with the new PS5 firmware, which is currently being tested in beta.

There has been no update from Sony for over a year in terms of additional storage. Only external hard drives were later approved to which you can outsource your PS4 games.

The SSD upgrade options, which are listed at $200 for 500GB and up to $1500 for 4TB, either with or without a heatsink option, are not cheap either.

Here is the Australian pricing for each model of Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD:

500GB $199
500GB (with heatsink) $239
1TB $349
1TB (with heatsink) $399
2TB $729
2TB (with heatsink) $819
4TB $1,429
4TB (with heatsink) $1,499