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What is M1 Max Power Consumption, Does it Drain More Battery on Video Editing?

Want to know what is the power consumption of M1 Max and how much battery it drains on video editing? Here are all the details for you.

Apple has finally unveiled its new MacBook Pro 2021 laptop for professional users, with two 14-inch and 16-inch versions offering a new design and new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that promise very high performance. Now, before buying it, many users want to know what is the power consumption of the MacBook M1 Max and will it drain more battery while video editing? Let’s take a look at all these things below.

What is M1 Max Power Consumption?

M1 Max Power Consumption

Apple has confirmed that the MacBook M1 Max is 70% more efficient in terms of the CPU, but its SoC, with its 32-core GPU, promises 4x more graphics performance than the M1 Pro chip. It was also revealed that the CPU performance of the MacBook M1 Max model is 1.7 times faster than the old 8-core laptop processors at 30W power consumption.

The CPU of the laptop is also 2 times faster than the Core i9 processor in the old MacBook Pro models. Apple mentions in particular that its M1 Max chips offer up to 3.7x faster central processor, up to 13x faster graphics processing, and up to 11x faster machine learning.

Does M1 Max Drain More Battery on Video Editing?

The M1 Max chip can easily process large files like 8K definition videos, complex video editing or 3D scene renderings, etc. In addition, there are multimedia engines enhanced with dedicated ProRes accelerators for professional video editing and an architecture that allows you to obtain the same performance regardless of whether the laptop is connected to the main power or running only on the battery.

The M1 Max chip also benefits from the integrated ProRes encoder through the dedicated Media Engine chip, for video file processing and compatibility with Thunderbolt 4 ports. It is four times faster than the model equipped with Radeon RX 5600M.

The battery autonomy is 21 hours for the M1 Max 16-inch model. Apple has talked about the fact that on video editing, users will benefit from double the autonomy compared to previous models, while in compiling code for programmers, they will receive four times more autonomy.

Last but not least, Apple has promised that the performance will remain the same both on the battery and in the power socket, unlike other competing computers.

That is everything you need to know about the M1 Max chip’s power consumption and battery usage on video editing. Also, do not forget to check what is the battery life of the new MacBook M1 Pro and MacBook M1 Max? Also, check the comparison between M1 Max Vs RTX 3080 GPU to find out which one of these has the most powerful Graphics Processing Unit?