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M1 Max GPU Benchmark Report – Apple’s New Chip Can Beat RTX 2080 & PS5

M1 Max is a 10 Core CPU & 24/32 Core GPU with 32/64 Unified Memory. Here is how strong this new chip is.

M1 Max will be part of the new Macbook Pro, a chip powerful enough to taunt Nvidia RTX GPUs and even PS5. If you are looking for benchmarking reports for this new chip then keep reading. Thanks to Geekbench for releasing the benchmarking report that gives us a headstart to analyze Apple’s new SoC. Geekbench shared their report on MacBookPro18 that was running on M1 Max, 32GB RAM.

M1 Max GPU Benchmark Report

Below is the test by Geekbench, released recently that was taken on a Macbook model running M1 Max. Based on the test – the performance can be near to RTX 2080 or even PS5. We have a separate coverage on M1 Max vs RTX 3080 where we had done an assumptive analysis of finding out, that can this chip is good enough to take on competitors. M1 Max comes in two variations, a 24 Core GPU and a 32 Core GPU. The first one can deliver up to 7 TFlops or higher while the second one is capable of giving a boost up to 10 TFlops or a little higher. PS5 also runs on the same like, based on its speculated specs this next-gen console can deliver up to 10.3Tflops. RTX 2080 can deliver up to 13 TFlops.

M1 Max Benchmarking Reports

Source: Geekbench

This is just the start of testing, there can be more fascinating results coming up. As the machine goes into more hands we will be getting much better benchmarking results. However, Macbooks are niche exclusive models, which means those who are not good with Final Cut Pro will prefer to stick with the Windows platform. Where the entire hardware scenario shifts to a custom build, performance is guaranteed here. Dedicated GPUs are always going to be way more powerful than SoCs because of their exposure to cooling tech. SoC’s remains limited to their size and are optimized to burn less power. This overall can impact the max performance.

Will be sharing more amazing facts about the brand new M1 Max and M1 Pro chip. Till do not forget to have a short read about the new Macbook Pro thickness, which is a vital piece of info for every Mac user.