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Windows 11 Wallpaper Download – Original 4K HD Stock Wallpapers

Want to make your Windows 10 look like Windows 11, then try these amazing new Windows 11 wallpapers in 4K Quality.

Windows 11 has entered into Beta edition. You can download Windows 11 Preview Build from the Beta Channels. In case you are not a part of the Microsoft Insider Program you have to wait to have hands on the new operating system. Till then you can try out some amazing Windows 11 4K Wallpapers. This article has a direct download link to original Windows 11 wallpapers in 4K quality. You can download the HD quality stock wallpapers for Desktops and Laptops.

Windows 11 Wallpaper Download for PC, Android & iPhone

Check out the below links for downloading Windows 11 4K wallpapers. You can download them for PC and Mobile devices. Almost every image has an HD quality resolution, there can be some issues with the iPhone but you can try out the full-size images also. iPhone will fit the image on the home screen automatically. Here is a preview of all Windows 11 wallpapers, refer to the download for 4K and FULL HD quality download.

Download Windows 11 4K Wallpaper for Desktop/Laptop PC

Below are ten plus 4K Windows 11 wallpapers for desktops and laptops. All are high-resolution images, to help you out with the same I am also adding a gallery. Just click on the download link and look for a download button on the top right of the browser. You can download this entire folder as a zip file. Or you can manually download them one by one.


Download Windows 11 4K Wallpaper for Android

Here are Windows 11 HD wallpapers for Android devices. You can choose to download the entire folder or pick images one by one. Refer to the gallery below to check out how the images look. And then you can pick the one that suits your phone screen. There are over 13 Windows 11 HD wallpapers for Android devices on the below link. A preview link is also provided if you are not willing to download the full set.


Download Windows 11 4K Wallpaper for iPhone

Looking for Windows 11 stock wallpapers for iOS devices then try the following link. The same images have been optimized for iPhones. There is some issue with the adjustment of images due to iPhone’s internal setting but the resolution is good enough to fit well on the home screen.


What is new in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the next-gen operating system with advanced new features and a smoother UI. Systems with TPM 2.0 can run this operating system otherwise they will have to stick to Windows 10. If you are looking for what are the new features of Windows 11 then keep reading below. I am going to highlight all-important top new features of this upcoming OS.

1. New UI:

There is a major shift in the look. Windows 11 will have a new type of menu that will let users stay more focused. New Aligned Taskbar and Start button sit on the below center of the screen. Live Tiles are also part of Windows 11 which was introduced first in Windows 8. Icons are placed in a Grid format and pinned to the start menu.

2. Widgets:

It looks Windows 11 new UI is heavily focusing on Widgets. Tiny apps that update data in real-time. You can have updates about time, weather, sports, etc. Users will be allowed to place the widgets on the screen or they can be accessed via the Start Menu.

3.  Faster Performance:

Windows 11 comes with a ton of improvement and speed-related upgrades. The operating system will require a minimum of 4GB RAM to perform well and a 1GHz/2Ghz or more core 64bit CPU. Without Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 you cannot upgrade to Windows 11. This requirement will filter out many old systems from the upgrade list.

4.  Android App Support:

Windows 11 will be having Android App support. This feature is yet to be tested, but having Android app support will let users try out tons of free mobile games and apps. Users can download android apps from Amazon and Microsoft App store.