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Windows 11 PC Health Check App Fails, Here’s How to Fix this Bug

Does Windows 11 Health Checker App shows failed test message on your screen. Here is what to do to fix this problem.

Windows 11 Free Upgrade is out, whoever has a genuine copy of Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. All you have to do is run Windows 11 PC Health Check App. This app performs a basic check and later pushes the new OS update on the system. But there is a problem with this app, many users have reported the PC Health Check app has a bug preventing users to install the new OS. If you are one of the users affected, then try the below solution.

How to Fix Windows 11 PC Health Check app Bug?

Re-download Windows 11 Health Check app from this link, run the app, and test it one more time. Make sure you have all the latest Windows 10 updates installed in your system and you are using a genuine copy. The test will fail on a system with a pirated version of Windows 10. If you are unsure then here is how to check if you are having a genuine Windows 10 license.

Search Update in the Start Menu and click on Check for Updates. On the left click on Activation and check on the right. If the activation status shows your Windows is active then you have a legit copy. Next, verify all the latest updates are installed in your system. Windows 11 upgrade is not deployed everywhere, certain regions will be getting this after some time.

Windows 11 Health Check Failed

To verify I ran the Windows 11 Health Check on an old system. I was unsure whether it has a genuine or pirated version of Windows. Got the above error on it. But the same test ran on a Lenovo Laptop gave a different message. I didn’t get the update after check, just a message that Windows 11 will be deployed soon.

So if the Windows 11 Health check is failing then the first reason is your Windows 10 copy is not genuine. Otherwise, it is missing some of the most important updates which are required for Windows 11. If you want to know more about Windows 11 actual system requirements then click the link.