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What is the Location of Windows 10 Icons Folder

Wondering where all your windows 10 icons are located and how you can change the icon of your folder, file or software, this might help you.

Windows 10 is an operating system of Microsoft that uses a closed-source model. It’s a user-friendly operating system that is used by more than a billion people every month. It has provided many facilities that make it simple to use, yet sometimes hard too. One such feature is the icons feature, it might be the case that Windows has chosen very similar looking icons for different software or that software is used as something else than specified on the icon, such as, you can change the Microsoft Edge icon to a PDF icon if you are only using it for opening and editing PDF. In this article, you’ll learn whats is the location of the Windows 10 Icons Folder and how to change the icon.

Location of Windows 10 Icons Folder

location of windows 10 icons folder

These icons are saved in a .dll that is a dynamic link library format or extension. It is a code that needs a host to execute and it works as a kind of shared library that can be reused.

Windows 10 Icons Folder of Default Apps

  • Open your computer or laptop and on the search bar, which is mostly on the bottom left side of your screen, search File Explorer.
  • Open it and click on This PC, then choose the “Local Disk (C:)”.
  • Now go to the Windows folder and scroll down to look for “System32”.
  • On the upper left corner of your screen you’ll see the View option, go in it and choose Large icons.
  • Scroll down, all the files that have two gear-like icons on them and have .dll as an extension are windows icon folders.

How to Find and Change Icons by Individual Folders

  • Go to the folder whose icon you want to change, right-click on the app and choose Properties.
  • Choose the Customize panel, then you’ll see the Change Icon button under the folder icons option, select it.
  • A list of icons that are available for it will appear, you can choose an icon from that icon list or click on the browse button to select some other .dll.

This is the location of the icons folder in Windows 10 and by following these you can find and change the icons of your file, folder, or app. Looking for more such guides, check out How to Make Desktop Icons Smaller on Windows 11 and How to Change Folder Icons on a Mac.