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Why is Samsung Blocking Access to ChatGPT?

Check out this article to know why Samsung is blocking access to ChatGPT.

According to recent news, a few Samsung employees have accidentally leaked confidential information while using ChatGPT. Three Samsung employees used ChatGPT to save time at work without realizing they were leaking sensitive company information. That is why, the Samsung chief has said that the company is blocking access to ChatGPT if a similar issue arises. Check out the complete details below.

Samsung to Block access to ChatGPT?

Why is Samsung Blocking Access to ChatGpt

Engineers at the Samsung factory used ChatGPT to get support and fix bugs in code, inadvertently providing the chatbot with sensitive company information.

According to the Samsung company, this situation occurred three times in the last few days, causing a data leak that could involve the company in leaking its data. This occurred because the chatbot employees verify the information that is sent to ChatGPT, to take advantage of it as “learning data”, so if there is an entry of secret information, it can be easily published, for these reasons OpenAI decided to place a warning that indicates “do not enter confidential information”, to prevent this type of situation.

In the first case, an employee sent proprietary code to ChatGPT to help it fix bugs, thus leaking information from an app that was still under development. In the second case, another employee entered the test patterns the factory used to detect faulty chips as he hoped the chatbot would optimize that method.

Samsung, noticing this information leak, warned its employees to be more careful when using this chatbot, since all the data that is sent is stored on external servers, making it difficult for the company to retrieve that information back. Therefore, if there are similar problems in the future, the company will block access to ChatGPT.

In a notice, Samsung said the following:

Samsung informed its executives and employees that as soon as data is entered into ChatGPT, it is going stored in the external server, and there is no way to retrieve it, so If a similar accident occurs even after emergency information protection measures are taken, access to ChatGPT may be blocked on the company network.”

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