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Which iMac to Buy: Best iMac in 2023

Wondering which iMac to buy in 2023? Check out the list of best iMac here, including iMac M1, Mac Studio M1 Max, and more.

If you are an Apple fan and searching for all-in-one Mac desktop computers, you might be wondering which iMac to buy for 2023. We have prepared this iMac comparison guide of the year for you. Whether you are working, playing games, or watching movies, you will find the perfect computer for your needs. In addition, you can easily store all your files, browse your favorite sites, make your working days a success, and even edit your favorite photos. So, get ready to select your future Mac desktop computer right now.

Which iMac to Buy in 2023

To better guide you in your choice of Apple iMac, we have made the best list of iMacs you can choose from the favorite models mentioned below. From the iMac Pro to the family computer, you can select the one that suits your needs in this iMac comparison.

1. iMac M1

iMac M1

Looking for one of Apple’s famous all-in-one iMacs? Here is their most recent model: the iMac M1. Existing in two versions, being differentiated by their number of ports, we will discuss here the basic version, that is to say, the one with two ports. It has an Apple M1 chip with very interesting performance, provided via 8 processor cores and 7 graphics cores, for more than enough power for office automation and even multimedia. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD minimum complete its characteristics. The Retina screen is exemplary, with the presence of a 24-inch IPS panel, offering a 4.5 K definition (i.e. 4,480 x 2,520 pixels). On top of all that, there’s no need to buy any additional peripherals, as Apple provides a wireless keyboard and mouse with the iMac M1.

2. Mac Studio M1 Max

Mac Studio M1 Max

Although Apple products are very much aimed at professionals, one Mac is aimed more at them than the others: the Mac Studio M1 Max. In the basic configuration alone, you can count on an Apple M1 Max processor made up of 10 CPU cores and 24 GPU cores. The computer has a minimum of 32 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD. And if you want to go even further, know that Apple offers even more impressive improvements. If 3D modeling or video editing is an integral part of your work, the Mac Studio is one of the best machines on the market in these areas.

3. Mac Mini M2 Pro

Mac Mini M2 Pro

The Mac Mini M2 Pro can be considered one of its best stationary models. Although in the form of a mini-PC, the device provides enough power, being equipped with the latest technologies from Apple. When we open the case, we can see the presence of an Apple M2 Pro processor, being an evolved version of the classic M2, with a minimum of 10 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores, not to mention its 16 GB of RAM and its 512 GB of SSDs. The advantage is that many versions exist, offering for example up to 19 graphics cores or up to 8 TB of internal storage.

4. New iMac Core i5 4K

New iMac Core i5 4K

The advantage of this new 21.5-inch iMac is certainly its reduced size. Indeed, this compact computer will be perfect for a student or can be used professional desk. Offering great image quality, it will be ideal for entertainment and work. Moreover, this type of Apple iMac is often favored by photographers or graphic designers. Thanks to its powerful processor and its 32 GB of RAM, it will effectively be able to operate several software programs without ever slowing down. It can even support all types of video games, for entertainment enthusiasts.

That’s all there is to know about which iMac to buy in 2023. For more Mac Tips and Tricks, check out our other tutorials here: