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What is Apple Business Essentials

Check out all the details about Apple Business Essentials for small and midsize businesses with up to 500 employees here.

In addition to home subscriptions, Apple has introduced Apple Business Essentials, a new service that combines device management, 24 by 7 Apple Support, and iCloud storage into subscription plans for small and midsize businesses with up to 500 employees. Also presented was the new Business Essentials app of the same name, which allows employees to install work apps and request support. In this article, we will tell you what exactly is the use of Apple Business Essentials in detail below.

What is the use of Apple Business Essentials (2023)

what is apple business essentials

Small and medium businesses that want to can now enroll in the Apple Business Essentials program, which until now was offered as a beta. This package of services for SMEs (currently only American) includes a new device management system (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), 24/7 support, and an iCloud storage envelope dedicated to work.

Employees will be able to log in to the terminal with a professional Apple ID (Managed Apple IDs), and download work applications via the new Business Essentials app. Apple IDs can be linked to Microsoft Azure Active Directory as well as Google Workspace now. In other words, it will be possible to connect to an Apple device with the same username and password as an Azure or Workspace account.

The data will be automatically backed up and synced to the specific Business Essentials iCloud cloud. That’s not all, since Apple has also launched an AppleCare+ formula for Business Essentials, a service including 24/7 telephone support, training for employees and IT admins, and up to two device repairs each year. In a handful of cities, an Apple technician can even come on-site in less than four hours to take care of an iPhone.

Apple Business Essentials: Plans and Pricing

There is a two-month free trial of Business Essentials, then you will have to pay a monthly subscription starting at $2.99 per device (50 GB of storage), and there are two other plans: $6.99 per user (200 GB of storage) and $12.99 per user (2TB storage). Enterprise customers will be able to configure and manage devices, install apps on them, and update them with the Collections system, unveiled alongside this new service in November 2021.

The service is now available for companies in the United States with up to 500 employees. Apple says nothing about a possible arrival in Europe or elsewhere.

That is everything you need to know about what is the use of Business Essentials. In the meantime, check out other guides only on our website TechNClub.com: What are the Pricing on all Google Meet Plans.