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How to use iPhone as Webcam in MacOS Ventura

This guide has some tips and tricks to use your iPhone as webcam in macOS Ventura.

Due to the low-resolution Mac cameras, users like to switch to iPhone or iPad for video calling. But you cannot hold your iOS device for long video call conferences. Hence, Apple introduced the ‘Continuity Camera’ feature on macOS Ventura. This feature allows the user to use their iOS device as a webcam to attend video calls on the MacBook. If you are curious to know how to use your iPhone as a webcam in macOS Ventura, this guide will help you out.

MacOS Ventura: How to use iPhone as Webcam (2023)

Use iPhone as webcam in Mac Ventura

To use your iPhone as a webcam in MacOS Ventura, follow these steps:

1. Enable Continuity Camera Settings on iPhone

Before using your iOS device as a webcam on Mac, there are some settings that you need to change on both MacBook and iPhone, this includes enabling ‘Continuity Camera’ settings, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Make sure your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are paired via Bluetooth.
  • Now go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the ‘General’ tab.
  • Now tap the ‘Airplay & Handsoff’ tab.
  • Toggle on the ‘Handoff’ and ‘Continuity Camera’ switches by tapping on them.

2. Open the Continuity app to use iPhone as Webcam

  • On your MacBook, open any app that uses the camera.
  • Select the ‘choose your iPhone as the camera or microphone’ option from the app menu or settings. This option varies for different video-calling apps.
  • The Continuity camera app window will open on your iPhone, and it will start capturing photos or videos.
  • Also, on a Mac without an in-built camera, the iPhone camera must be in locked landscape orientation.

3. Adjust Camera Settings

You can adjust your Camera settings and use some video effects using your Mac. To use video effects on your MacBook, click on the ‘Control Center’ icon from the Apple menu and select the ‘Video Effects’ option. The effects that you can use are:

  • Desk View – This enables iPhone’s ultra-wide camera to get the top view of your desk.
  • Portrait Mode – Focuses the camera on you by slightly blurring the background.
  • Studio Light – Brightens up your video.
  • Center Stage – Keep the image centered even if you constantly move your iPhone.

That’s everything covered on how to use iPhone as a webcam in MacOS Ventura. Also, check out our guides on How to Disconnect your iPhone from Mac Ventura or How to Airplay from Mac Ventura to TV.