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8 Best Tumblr Alternatives 2022 – You Must Try

Try these best replacements of Tumblr.

Tumblr is one of the best microblogging websites and also a great social media platform. You are allowed to share photos, videos, thoughts, write blogs, etc. It was a great microblogging platform back in 2017. Then Verizon Media bought it and implemented many strict policies which became a downfall of Tumblr and people started searching for other options for Tumblr. No, worries we have gathered the list of best Tumblr alternatives of 2022. Also, we have mentioned why you should use a particular website rather than Tumblr.

8 Best Tumblr Alternatives For You

Choose your favorite microblogging website, start using it and get rid of Tumblr.


best alternatives for tumblr

WordPress is the best Tumblr alternatives that you can find. You get WordPress in two different variants that are free and open-source script-based content management system which can be installed on your web server. Via WordPress, you can get connected with more than a thousand people who share their thoughts.

You can create your own thought too. Even you are allowed to create a blog with the elements like SEO, custom tags, categories, multi-user support, and many more to explore.

Why WordPress?
  • Administrative Features
  • Popular and Simple Interface
  • Connects with thousands of people


best alternatives for tumblr

The service of Mastodon is very much a decentralized and open-source blogging website. The look and some features of this website may give you the feel of Twitter. This website got a cheer up from the people when Tumblr faced a ban on running adult content.

Apart from this, you will enjoy all the other features of Tumblr like adding photos, blogs, videos, and many more. You can try it as a perfect competitor for Tumblr.

Why Mastodon?
  • Ad-free
  • Non Algorithm Feeds
  • Worldwide connection of people
  • Decentralized


best alternatives for tumblr

Blogger is a content management system that has Google features. Basically, backed by Google, which is one of the known and best search engines. In blogger, you can have 100 posts per account with all the amazing Google features. If you love diary web blogs, this blogger website has tons of blogs based on it.

It is not much hard to start blogging with Blogger. You can also see the statistics, check the traffic on your website, etc. You will enjoy full integration with Google Adsense, which is a great source of monetization.

Why Blogger?
  • Easy for setup and simple interface
  • Adsense monetization
  • Google Features


best alternatives for tumblr

One of the most quickly grown microblogging websites. Its most interesting feature is that you can import your blog, even if it is on any other website. It is the best platform for creative writers, journalists, and content creators too.

You will witness the features like sharing links, some keyboard shortcuts, you can also set tags, set visibility, and there are many more things where you can work on the editorial part of your articles. You can follow your favorite author, comment on them, etc. One more exciting news is this website is founded by the ex-chairman of Twitter.

Why Medium?
  • Good quality content
  • Posts can be scheduled
  • Can keep a track of your articles
  • Keyboard Shortcuts


best alternatives for tumblr

Though the name is fearful its features are mind-blowing. It is an open-source blogging platform. You will get the best dashboard that will improve your writing experience. This site is very fast and responsive. There is nothing like censorship and you can express your thoughts freely. This website is the perfect example of freedom of expression.

Why Ghost?
  • Work on SEO for blog traffic
  • Space to create every new content
  • Amazing Dashboard
  • Collaborative Post


best alternatives for tumblr

Pillowfort is a new blogging platform where fans and creators alike can share their work, create a community of their own, and do so in a positive and safe environment. In fact, this website allows NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. It Controls how others interact with text, images/gifs/photosets, video, and audio as well as how your post can be shared–and if other users can comment.

Why Pillowfort?
  • Great Features for Privacy
  • Allows NSFW


best alternatives for tumblr

One of the great and deserving sites. This site is only for adults. You don’t have any restrictions on this site, even you can surf on this site anonymously by using the anonymous feature if you wish not to reveal your identity. You can try this feature while surfing for NSFW content.

Without entering any personal details one can easily upload pictures, videos, gifs, etc. There are millions of visits every month.

Why Sharesome?
  • No strict Restrictions
  • Can surf NSFW Content freely


best alternatives for tumblr

Like Tumblr, Reddit is not a blogging website. If you looking for Tumblr alternatives for its communities then you must try Reddit. You can’t write blogs but can submit the posts in the form of links, texts, photos, etc. Then according to your posts, the other members can upvote or downvote your post.

You can take part in any discussion and join their community. This is again the best alternative for a microblogging website like Tumblr.