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Starfield “Can’t Shoot” Bug Carry Forwards from Fallout 4

Players are dealing with a particular bug for Starfield, which completely prevents weapons from opening fire.

Starfield has arrived and, despite a general cleanup of the game, Bethesda has accustomed us to productions with similar types of bug such as the most recent one that prevents weapons from firing, which was famous in its previous title, Fallout 4. Bethesda’s space adventure also has moments where action reigns supreme and not being able to shoot is a big problem. Check out the complete details below.

Starfield “Can’t Shoot” Bug Carry Forwards from Fallout 4

Starfield Can't Shoot Bug Fix

According to reports on Reddit, some Starfield players have reported seeing their weapons freeze even in times of need. Also for reasons like this, general user ratings have plummeted on Steam, in addition to the usual review bombers that invariably attack the games of the moment.

Can’t shoot my weapons?
byu/Strong_Leopard_4511 inStarfield

In addition, Starfield carries this bug from Fallout 4, and many fans are obviously not happy about this. Fortunately, the fix for this bug is the same one that worked in Fallout 4 and can be used here as well.

For reasons not better known, you have to customize your character in order to make the weapons work again.

On PC you can change the character’s gender via console commands or by opening the customization screen by typing “showlooksmenu player 2“. For console players, unfortunately, there is no solution, so the only way is to visit an in-game Boost Clinic and spend 500 credits.

This bug was never fully fixed in Fallout 4 but the hope is that it can be fixed at least this time in Starfield.

Who knows if Bethesda will arrive first to fix this issue or if the modders will arrive first, who will also have official support from next year? Or the group of people who have already created a remake of Starfield, who may be able to find a way to fix this bug.