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How to Remove Activation Lock on Mac (2023)

To remove Activation lock on Mac, this guide has some tips and tricks to help you.

Activation lock is a security feature introduced by Apple to safeguard your device from being used by any illicit individual who stole it. It automatically enables when the user turns on the Find My’ feature on their Apple device. But this feature can be troublesome when you give ownership of your device to someone else. If you are using Mac and somehow the Activation lock was enabled on your device, you can remove or bypass it with the help of this guide.

Mac: How to Remove Activation Lock (2023)

Remove Activation Lock on Mac

To remove the Activation lock on Mac, here are some official methods that you can follow:

1. Remove the Activation Lock from MacBook

The best way to disable Activation Lock is to input your Apple ID credentials on your device and then go to System preferences on Monterey or lower MacOS versions or from the Settings app on Mac Ventura and above versions.

  • Click on your Apple ID and select iCloud.
  • Turn off the ‘Find My Mac’ by toggling off the switch on Mac Ventura and above versions or unchecking the tick box on macOS Monetary and earlier versions.
  • This will disable the Action lock on your MacBook.

2. Remove the Activation lock from the Web Browser

  • If you don’t have direct access to your Macbook, you can sign in to the ‘iCloud Find My’ website.
  • Click on your Mac device from the ‘Devices’ list.
  • Select ‘Remove from account’ to deactivate the Activation Lock on your Mac.

3. Remove the Activation Lock using Apple Support

If you have the proof of purchase documents and forgot your Apple ID, then the support team can help you to remove the Activation Lock. However, if the support team finds any invalid reasons for removing the Activation lock, they won’t help you. Also, you can try this support request link to raise a request to remove the Activation lock.

Apart from this, an unofficial way to bypass the Activation lock on Mac is to use third-party software like installing IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management and using a Bypass code or remote command to clear the Activation lock.

That’s everything covered on how to remove the Activation lock on Mac. Also, check out our other guides, such as How to turn on/off the firewall on Mac Ventura or How to ping on Mac Ventura.