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How to Recover Disabled or Lost Facebook Account (2023)

Here is a complete guide on how to recover a disabled Facebook account.

Social Media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Can you even think of a day without WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media app that you use? While even thinking about such things is difficult for us, there are people out there whose Facebook accounts have been disabled. Are you one of them? No problem, we have put together the reasons why your Facebook account has been disabled and the best ways to recover a disabled/lost Facebook account.

Reasons for a Facebook Account to Get Disabled

facebook login site to recover lost account

There can be many reasons why your Facebook account got disabled. We have mentioned the reasons that have been disclosed by Facebook on their official website here:

  1. A fake account or username.
  2. Posting photos, videos, or stories, and other conduct that goes against Facebook’s guidelines.
  3. Harassment, advertising unethical stuff, and/or advertising in an unethical manner.
  4. Hacked or stolen Facebook account.

These are all the reasons that may lead to an account getting disabled on Facebook. Now, let us show you the ways to get back a disabled account on Facebook.

How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account (2023)

As explained earlier, there are many reasons for a Facebook account to get disabled, and to get it back, there are many ways too. Below mentioned are some of the best and most successful ways to recover a disabled account on Facebook:

  1. Method 1: Use the Appeal Form to Get back a Disabled Facebook Account

If you are sure that Facebook made a mistake by disabling your account and that you did not violate any of their rules and guidelines, fill out this form by Facebook and submit it. It is an appeal form that asks Facebook to review its decision of disabling a Facebook Account.

  1. Method 2: Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

If your Facebook account has been stolen or hacked by someone, give a shot to this account recovery tool by Facebook. It can help you get your Facebook account back from a hacker or if there are some other issues with your account, you can find the solutions to them with the help of the search bar.

  1. Method 3: Recover Deleted or Disabled Facebook Account

There are times when users willingly disable or even delete their accounts from Facebook. If this is the case with you, no worries. You can easily get your Facebook account back as long as you try recovering your account within the first 30 days from the date of deleting the account.

  1. Simply go to the official Facebook Site and log in to your account normally.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to get back your temporarily disabled or deleted account.

These are all the useful methods that one can try to recover an account on Facebook. Try these ways and if you did not violate Facebook’s guidelines severely and that too multiple times, you may get your Facebook account back. Since precaution is better than cure, it is better to keep your Facebook account safe before anything goes bad, right?

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