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How to Pre-Order PlayStation Portal – Price, Specs and Release Date

Check out the guide to find out the price, specifications, and other useful information about the PlayStation Portal releasing this year.

After the success of PSP and PS VITA, Sony is back with the new PlayStation Portal. The announcement was made in May this year. The product was previously named Project Q. The PlayStation Portal is a handheld device that will act as a companion to the PS5. This device is going to be completely dedicated to Remote play. It can be a very handy device if your TV is always busy or you want to play games comfortably at a different location. So, are you excited for the release of PlayStation Portal? Then read our guide below to check out how you can Pre-Order PlayStation Portal along with its price, specifications, and release date.

PlayStation Portal – Price, Specs, Release Date

PlayStation Portal

Below is the detailed information given about the price, specs, release date, and how to pre-order the PlayStation Portal from the store.


Let’s first start with the design. The PlayStation Portal has the PS5 controller which is divided into two parts and placed on each side with a screen in the middle. The device has an 8-inch LCD screen that can reach up to 1080p resolution at 60fps. Users can also use the PS Portal to play games on PSVR2 by using the VR headset made by Sony.

PlayStation Portal Price

The PlayStation Portal is going to be priced at $199. Sony has not provided more details regarding the pricing of the product.


Talking about the specifications, the PlayStation Portal has the same specs that a DualSense controller on the PS5 has. Adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and touchpad functionality are included in the device. The battery life is expected to be anywhere between 6-9 hours.


The PlayStation Portal supports WI-FI and also has a 3.5mm audio jack to connect headphones. Unfortunately, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. However, Sony has brought in new connectivity standards called PlayStation Link. The new standard will only be used by two headsets which are the Pulse Elite headset and the Pulse Explorer wireless earbuds. However, there are possibilities that Sony will allow the new connectivity standard to other headphones in the future.

PlayStation Portal Release Date

The PlayStation Portal also called PlayStation Portal Remote Player is set to release on November 15, 2023.

PlayStation Portal: How to Pre-Order

The PlayStation Portal Remote Player can now be pre-ordered from the PlayStation Direct Store.

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