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MKV File Guide: What Is It & How Do You Play Them?

Learn what an MKV File is & how you can play them from this guide.

In the Modern World, there are many File Types like .txt, .mp3,.mp4, etc. Most of these types have extensions that associate them with a particular type of data like Plain Text, Audio, Video, etc. One such Media Extention is .mkv. An MKV File is a file type that is used in the storage of Media Files. In this guide, I will show you What is an MKV File & how do you Play them.

How Do you Play an MKV File?

play mkv file

MKV Files are Media Files. As such, you can use a Media Player like VLC Player to play an MKV File. Just install VLC Player, if you didn’t have it on your System, & right-click on your MKV File to open in VLC. If you want to edit the Contents of an MKV File then you use Software like Adobe Premiere Pro & other such video editors.

What are they?

As explained above, an MKV File, Matroska Video files, is a way of storing Media elements like Images, Videos, Subtitles, etc. all in one file. An MKV File incorporates all of the various data into one file in a container fashion. As such, it is very easy to store each piece of data with ease. As such, MKV File is used to store & play Movie type media. Although there are other Media formats like MOV and AVI, MKV has a larger amount of storage to accommodate the Data.

Due to this accommodation, MKV Files tend to be quite large. Despite that, most professionals prefer using MKV Files as they store a lot of types of data without compressing it. As such, MKV Files are the best format when it comes to Motion Pictures. Other benefits that MKV Files provide are:

  • Chapter, menu, and metadata support
  • Error recovery for playback of corrupted files
  • Fast seeking capabilities
  • Hard-coded & soft-coded Subtitle Support
  • Multiple Language Support

This was all about What an MKV File is & how to play them. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like DAT File Guide.