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GeoGuessr: How To Play The Game For Free?

Learn how to play GeoGuessr for Free from this guide.

GeoGuessr is a geography-based game where the player must guess the location of an area after analyzing the images provided to them by Google Maps. It is a simple game but has become very famous thanks to many Content Creators. GeoGuessr is an entertaining game that all users should try but the question is, is it free? Can you play the game without spending money? In this guide, I will show how you can Play GeoGuessr for Free.

How to Play GeoGuessr for Free?

play free geoguessr

GeoGuessr is a browser game and has two methods of playing it. One by using a free account & the other by using a premium account. You can play GeoGuessr for free, but it has limitations of Limited 2D panorama view & One map. After your first game, you will have only 5 mins of proper game time. Once that elapses, you will have to wait for 15 mins to get another 5 mins of play. Having a premium account helps you bypass all of the limitations in the Free version. But you don’t have to pay for the premium as there is a way of getting it without paying.

GeoGuessr has a free trial period. Clicking on it will take you to the Pro page. Here you can choose what plan you want, the annual one is better than the monthly plan. After that, feed in your card credentials and you will get the free 7 days Trial. Don’t worry about your money getting deducted as GeoGuessr will start asking you for money after the trial period. Till then, you can cancel the subscription & save your money at any time. This way allows you to enjoy GeoGuessr and its fullest without paying a single Dollar.

This was all about how to play GeoGuessr for Free. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides from our website, TechNClub.