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How to Pair Two iPhones with Single Apple Watch

Here's an article that explains if it is possible to pair your single Apple Watch with two iPhones, likely by getting the watchOS 10.1 or watchOS 10.2 update.

There are many people who have two iPhones, one for personal use and one provided by the office for their work-related purpose. Along with the Apple smartphone, they also have Apple Watch and want to know a way to connect it to the phone so that they can receive all kinds of notifications such as calls, emails, texts, etc from both. Here are our practical tips to familiarize yourself with this smartwatch and take advantage of all the advantages it has to offer. We will explain in this article if it is possible to pair two iPhones with a single Apple Watch.

How to Pair Your Apple Watch with Two iPhones (2023)

pair apple watch with two iphones

For the moment, it is not possible to pair Apple Watch to two iPhones, as the smartwatch can be only paired to one Apple smartphone only. You can easily pair as many Apple Watch models to the same iPhone, but not the other way around.

However, according to information from leaker Analyst941, Apple is working on future updates that will allow users to pair their Apple Watch with multiple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple could use iCloud for syncing so devices can communicate with each other, the same way it works with AirPods.

Apple Watch can sync across more than one Apple device too, finally. I don’t know how this will be implemented. All I know, again, **ALL** I know, is that Apple Watch will sync across multiple iOS/iPadOS/Mac devices, and will no longer be tied to one single iPhone,” the leaker said via his now-deleted Twitter account.

Once Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone, it can be used with an iPad signed in to the same Apple ID to track Apple Fitness+ workout programs. Mac users can also use their watch to unlock their computer, authenticate to apps, view passwords, and authorize online transactions with Apple Pay. But in any case, the Apple Watch must have been connected to the iPhone for the first time.

In addition, if you use the same Apple ID on your two iPhones, you can for example get a second watch that will go with your second iPhone. You can then sync iCloud data between the two pairs of devices, including data from the Health app. Just be aware that your training and the progress of your daily activities will not be able to be synchronized.

The novelty should probably be available with iOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10. But we are not sure if it’s ready from the start, it’s possible that Apple will add support later (with updates like watchOS 10.1, watchOS 10.2, etc).

That is everything you need to know about how to pair two iPhones with a single Apple Watch. If you are searching for more Apple Watch Guides, check out similar types of articles only on our website TechNClub.com: How to Check & Calculate how much Calories Are Burned in Apple Watch, and How to Know Which Apple Watch Band Size is Right for You.