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How To Use NameDrop on iOS 17?

NameDrop is used for Contact Sharing. You can share any contact with any other iPhone user wireless via Namedrop.

At the WWDC 2023, Apple announced many new features coming with iOS 17. One such feature is the NameDrop feature, enabling convenient and fast sharing of contacts and more. This is similar to the AirDrop feature, making it easy and convenient to use. Now you can share the contact with bringing your iPhones close to each other. Not only contacts but there is also more that you can share using the NameDrop feature. Using SharePlay on your iPhone, you can even share images, music you are listening to, movies, and more. Let us know how we can use the new feature in detail.

NameDrop On iOS 17 – How To Use?

NameDrop on iOS 17

The new NameDrop feature on iOS 17 allows easier contact sharing. It will allow iPhone users to get contacts easily even when in a rush, and there will be no hassle in getting the correct name of the person. To share a contact, you need to bring the two phones close to each other. Make sure the contact card you want to share is open on your phone. To enable and use the NameDrop feature you have to follow these steps:

  1. Update your phone to iOS 17
  2. From the ‘Settings Menu‘: open the NameDrop feature.
  3. To share the contact with the person, bring close your devices (both should be iPhones with the latest versions of iOS).
  4. Choose the contact card, image, or music you want to share.
  5. Start sharing the selected item using the ‘send‘ or ‘share‘ option.
  6. After completing the confirmation on both devices, the contact or other item will get shared.

You can keep this feature on for future sharing. You can then just bring your phones close to each other and tap the share option. Also, you can select from the contact card which email IDs and numbers you want to share.  This new feature runs on NFC and Bluetooth combined to transfer information with ease and security. The feature is also supported with the updated Apple watches. But you will have to wait till later this year to use this feature. It will probably get released with the new iPhone 15. Till then you have to continue using the AirDrop feature for sharing files.

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