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App Store: Which Is The Most Expensive App?

Learn about the most Expensive App on the App Store from this guide.

App Store from Apple has a wide variety of Apps that belong to numerous genres. These Apps can range from cheap and affordable to outrageous prices. Then there are some startups that make apps that are amazing but almost cost as much as the Device itself. In this guide, I will show you which is the most Expensive App on the App Store.

Which is the most Expensive App on the App Store?

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There are plenty of Apps on the App Store that can win this title. For instance, Verituner is a Music & productivity App that allows the user to fine-tune their instruments. The app does its job with great accuracy. As such, it costs about $599.99. This is a hefty amount but not as much as the most Expensive App. The Most Expensive App on the App Store is CyberTuner from Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

This is also a Musical instrument Tuning App, mostly for the Piano. CyberTuner costs $999.99 with additional In-App Purchases. If you own a Piano and need a way to precisely tune it, then CyberTuner is the App for you. That is if you overcome the hurdle that is the price of the App. CyberTuner is an amazing App that has set the professional mark for all tuning software tools for 20+ years. It took more than 2 years to be developed plus another year of gruesome testing by masterclass piano technicians worldwide. On top of that, the App provides numerous features like Concert Tune mode, Aural Tutor, Intuitive and thoughtful design, Clarity of functions, etc. The quality is top-notch & so is the price. It may be the most expensive app but it does its job very well.

This was all about the most Expensive App on the App Store. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Fitness Apps in the App Store for iPhone & iPad.