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How to Make Money on SoundCloud (2023)

Check out the Tips and tricks to earn money with your SoundCloud Account.

SoundCloud is considered to be one of the best platforms for budding music artists to share their music online and grow their fan base without any professional help. It is also an open platform that can be visited by music enthusiasts to check these budding artists for their projects. In 2014, the platform announced a new plan for its users that can generate revenue through ads and sponsorship from independent labels. For people wondering how to make money on SoundCloud, here are some tricks to monetize your creativity.

Tricks to Make Money on SoundCloud (2023)

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Before knowing how to earn money on SoundCloud, you have to match certain requirements set by SoundCloud. These requirements are mentioned below:

  1. You should be an original music creator who owns 100% rights to its creation. (creating Podcasts is not considered).
  2. There must be zero Copyright strikes against you while enrolling.
  3. You have to buy a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited Subscription to monetize your piece.
  4. To monetize your streams, you should belong to the list of eligible countries and have had 500 eligible streams in the past month.

If you match the above requirements, you will receive a mail from SoundCloud to enable the monetization of your song. Once you receive this mail you can follow these tricks to earn money through your music.

Earning Money Using SoundCloud tools

After buying the subscriptions, you can monetize your stream by simply uploading the track from your device to your account and also entering some important credentials like the name of the stream, artists, and legal details like ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), release date, and other necessary information. After cross-checking the credentials click on “Save” to upload your tracks.

SoundCloud follows fan-powered royalty, this means you will earn money according to how many times your track is played by listeners. You can also distribute your tracks to big labels like Spotify, Apple Music, and many more to earn more. You can also allow ads to earn money whenever a listener listens to the ad while playing your track.

Adding a Buy Link

While uploading the stream you can simply add a link to your track listed on an online store or an e-commerce site. This will allow listeners to purchase the song from other platforms. This trick will increase your revenue.

These are some tricks you can use to earn some money while creating your songs and sharing them. To maintain this you will need to constantly create new songs and engage with your audience using different promotional tactics. If you want to download free songs from any device, here is a separate guide for it – How to download free songs from SoundCloud-Windows/MacOS/Android/IOS.