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MacBook Air 15 vs MacBook Pro 14 – Which One Is Better?

MacBook Air 15 is a new addition in MacBook series. It has lot of similarities compared to the MacBook Pro model. Checkout the price and specs comparision here.

MacBook Air 15″ is a recently allowed 15-inch premium laptop featuring a Liquid Retina Display, M2 Chip, up to 18 Hrs of battery life, and much more. There is a 13-inch model also available fitted into the exact specs of the Air 15-inch. We will be talking about the significant differences between both models. How Macbook Air 15 is different from Macbook Pro 14? Along with specs and price comparison.

Difference Between MacBook Pro & new MacBook Air

Macbook Pro vs Air

Macbook Pro 14 specs are still higher compared to Air 15 inch. The only difference that differentiates both models is the new M2 chip that brings more speed. It also speeds up video rendering and streaming. Below is a detailed comparison chart of both the MacBook models.

Screen Size & Resolution:

New MacBook 15 Screen vs. MacBook Pro 14 Screen
15.3Inch Liquid Retina Display 14.2 Inch Liquid Retina XDR Display
2880×1864 Pixels Resolution 3024×1964 Pixels Resolution

CPU, GPU, RAM & Storage Comparision:

New MacBook 15 Specs vs. MacBook Pro 14 Specs
8 Core M2 Chip CPU 10 Core M1 Pro or M1 Max Chip CPU
10 Core GPU 31 Core GPU
10 Core Neural Engine 16 Core Neural Engine
100GB/s Memory Bandwidth 200GB/s Memory Bandwidth
8GB, 16GB, or 24GB United Memory 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB (M1 Max) United Memory
256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TB SSD Storage 512, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB Storage

Battery Life Comparision:

New MacBook 15 Battery vs. MacBook Pro 14 Battery
Upto 15 Hours of Wireless Web Upto 11 Hours of Wireless Web
Upto 18 Hours Apple TV App Upto 17 Hours Apple TV App
66.5 Watt-Hour Lithium battery 70 Watt-Hour Lithium battery
35W Dual Port Power Adatper 65W Dual Port Power Adatper
Fast Charging Fast Charging

Camera Comparision:

New MacBook 15 Camera vs. MacBook Pro 14 Camera
1080p FaceTime HD Camera 1080p FaceTime HD Camera
6-Speaker Sound System 6-Speaker Sound System
Three-mic Array Three-mic Array
Touch ID Touch ID


MacBook 15 Connectivity vs. MacBook Pro 14 Connectivity
802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
5.3 5.0
2x Thunderbolt or USB 3x Thunderbolt USB-C, 1x HDMI & 1x SDXC Card Slot

MacBook 15 weighs around 1.51 kg (3.3 pounds) and Macbook Pro 14 weighs 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds). The new MacBook 15 brings in more power, a lighter design, and longer battery life. It notebook is powered by the latest M2 chip which promises 18% more power than its predecessors. Here are some more details on M2 Chip Performance.

What is New M2 Chip?

The new M2 chip brings up to 24GB of Unified memory support and 100GB/s of memory bandwidth. As per its official specs the new chip is 18% faster compared to M1 and the GPU is 35% faster. This plays a vital role when users work on 4K or 8K videos. With more power, video rendering is approx 15 times faster than older M1 models. Compared to Intel i7 machines, M2 provides 2x performance in video editing.

MacBook Air 15 vs MacBook Pro 14 Price Comparison?

New MacBook comes available in two size variants, 256GB & 512GB. The price is listed below, the new model falls in the affordable range where it can be an ideal replacement for MacBook Pro 13 M2. At the same price, users get more screen size, battery life, and overall performance.

  • New MacBook Air 15 256GB Price = $1299.00
  • New MacBook Air 15 512GB Price = $1499.00
  • MacBook Pro 13 M2 Price = $1299.00
  • MacBook Pro 14.2  M2 Pro/M2 Max Price = $1999.00
  • MacBook Pro 16.2  M2 Pro/M2 Max Price = $2499.00

The Pro Edition offers users a choice of bigger screen sizes, maxing up to 16.2 inches. The 15″ range has yet not announced any bigger size, the product catalog is limited to 13 and 15-inch screen sizes. As per the above specs comparison, it is clear enough that the New MacBook Air 15 could be a better replacement for MacBook Pro 13 or for those who are not having the budget for 14 inch MacBook Pro.