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What is the Logic Pro Cost on iPad

This guide has all the details about the Logic Pro cost on your iPad.

Logic Pro is one of the most popular and powerful digital audio workstations available for Mac computers. Now can use Logic Pro for iPad to create music with dynamic software instruments and control hundreds of plug-ins intuitively. Also, you can quickly find and discover new sounds, shape the sonic character and tone of your music with powerful instruments and effects, program beats and bass lines or craft the perfect custom drum kit for your project, transform any sample into a new instrument, reshape melodies and rhythms with just your finger, adjust faders and other controls with touch, and more. So, if you are a music enthusiast who wants to create professional-quality songs, you might be wondering what is the Logic Pro cost on iPad, and for the same this guide same some answers.

iPad: What is the Cost of Logic Pro?

iPad: What is the Cost of Logic Pro

Logic Pro for iPad is available as a monthly subscription for just $4.99 or a yearly subscription for $49. Also, you can try a free trial for a month after installing Logic Pro for your iPad from the App Store. This is different from Logic Pro for Mac, which costs $199 as a one-time payment. The subscription model allows Apple to provide regular updates and new features to Logic Pro for iPad users without charging extra fees. Also, it makes Logic Pro more accessible to more people who might not want to pay a high upfront cost for the Mac version.

Will Logic Pro Mac subscribers have Logic Pro for Free on iPad?

Logic Pro is rebuilt specifically for iPad, and it is way different from the app you used on Mac. So, you will have to subscribe to use it even if you already bought the Mac version. But when practically seen if you use the same Apple ID account on your Mac and iPad, you should be able to install Logic Pro for free on your iPad. However, it’s not the case here. But you can use Logic Remote for free on iPad if you have subscribed to Logic Pro for Mac. Also, if you want to try a free alternative that is as good as Logic Pro on iPad, then you should try using GarageBand.

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