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iOS 17 Battery Drain Issue? Here’s How to Fix

Are you facing battery drain problems on your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 17 Beta firmware update? Disable keyboard haptic feedback to solve the issue.

There are many iPhone 14 users on Apple forums and communities complaining about serious battery drain issues after installing the iOS 17 Beta update. Within 2-3 hours the battery level goes below 25%. The reason for this battery drain issue could be happening since it’s a beta update. But, are there still any fixes for the same? Well, in this guide, we will list down some fixes to solve the battery life problems on your iPhone after installing iOS 17 Beta.

Fix: iOS 17 Battery Drain Issues

fix ios 17 battery drain

To fix the iOS 17 excessive battery drain issues on your iPhone 14, you can try to remove widgets from the lock screen or disable keyboard haptic feedback. Check out all the methods listed below to get rid of the battery life issues on your iPhone after getting the iOS 17 Beta update.

How to Uninstall Widgets from the Lock Screen

Every widget installed on your iOS 17 device and found on the lock screen force your apps to run automatically in the background, constantly retrieving data to update the information displayed by the widgets, such as sports scores or the weather. Since these apps are constantly running in the background, it means that they put constant strain on the battery, so follow the steps below to uninstall widgets from the lock screen:

  • On the current lock screen, press and hold your finger down.
  • New profiles will appear that you can scroll through.
  • Click on the blue + in the lower right corner.
  • Create a new lock screen profile that has no widgets.

If you just want to remove widgets from your existing lock screen, perform the steps given below:

  • Hold your finger down.
  • Press “Customize”.
  • Choose the Lock Screen option.
  • Tap the widget box and then press the “—” or minus button that appears on each widget you want to remove.

Disable keyboard haptic feedback

The iPhone keyboard never had the ability to give a slight vibration when typing. This novelty was added recently thanks to the latest iOS 16 update and later versions and is known as haptic feedback. However, according to Apple, the same feature could also affect battery life. so disable the keyboard haptic feedback by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then type Sounds and haptic feedback in the Search bar and open the same option.
  • Then go to Keyboard feedback.
  • Finally, turn off Haptic Feedback by unchecking the box.

That is all you need to know about how to fix iOS 17 battery drain issue. For more iOS 17 Beta Tips and Tricks, check out our other guides only on our website TechNClub.com: How to use Personal Voice in iOS 17, and How to Enter or Exit Assistive Access in iOS 17 (Solving Cognitive Disability).