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Instagram Stories Not Working Today Fix (2022)

Here's what you can do to fix the Instagram Stories not loading or 'circle spinning' issue.

Are your Instagram Stories not working today and you are only seeing the spinning ‘loading’ circle? It can surely be frustrating, especially if you are addicted to the app, like me. There could be multiple reasons why this is happening and we will explain the issues and fixes for them right here.

How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Working or Loading Issue?

Why can’t I post to Instagram stories today? – If this is the question that’s crossing your mind right now, these are the reasons why it could be happening as well as what you can do to fix it.

Check your Internet Connection

Instagram stories could not be loading because either your internet connection is too slow or it’s disconnected completely. Make sure to open and use other apps and websites to confirm this.

  • Check your internet speed via speed test websites such as fast.com and speedtest.net.
  • Turn off your Wifi router, wait for some time and then reconnect to see if the speed is faster now.
  • Try using your Mobile Data and see if stories are working.

If the issue was related to your internet connection, this should solve it. Contact your ISP in case the problems are from their end.

Close the App and Relaunch it

Sometimes, it could just be a bug that’s rearing its head. To check if this is the case, close the app by swiping it off your apps running in the background and tap on the IG icon again. Android users can also head to Settings > Apps > Instagram and tap on Force Stop. Then, restart the app and find out if the reels, stories, feed posts are loading now and if you’re able to see new content.

instagram stories not loading spinning circle

Check if Instagram is Down

In case your internet is not the roadblock, then chances are that Instagram is down. This could be indicated by Instagram stories not loading, reels not working and your timeline won’t refresh either. During such a scenario, all you can do is wait until Instagram fixes the issues from their side. Whenever IG goes down, it starts to trend on Twitter, so you can head over there to know more.

Reinstall Instagram

Check with other Instagram users if they are also facing similar problems but in case you think it’s just you, then reinstall the Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store. This should flush out any issues and you should be able to use the app if the servers are not down at that moment.

That’s everything about what you should do if IG stories are not loading. For more related to apps and gadgets, stay with TechnClub.