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Boost Your Windows 10 Performance -With Simple Hacks In Just 5 Minutes

Speed up your system with these easy trick and also boost your knowledge about the various internal functions of Windows 10.

If you are a new Windows user or not, and getting worried about why your Windows 10 PC is functioning slow, then keep reading. The challenge is to fix everything with minimum time and money. Also many things do I have to pay for an IT engineer to fix my windows? The answer is NO you can fix this problem on your own by following these simple hacks and your problem will be fixed within 5 minutes.

Golden Tips to Speed Up your Windows 10 performance

I am sure after reading one of these tricks you are going to rush and try it on your Windows 10, but I will suggest you read each trick very carefully.

Disable Unwanted Startup Programs

How to boost your windows 10

Launch Task Manager. The easiest way to go to the task manager just by right-clicking on “Taskbar” (at the bottom of your screen), then a list of various options will pop up. Click on “Task Manager” > A new tab will open then click on “Startup”. So over here you will find all those programs which run behind when you start your windows and which slow down your system performance.

You can disable those unwanted programs which you don’t want to run whenever the start of Windows 10. To disable those programs click on it and choose the “disable” option at the corner of the tab and your windows will run smoothly in just a few minutes.

Note – Don’t disable the apps liked with Microsoft corporation and anti-virus because it is important to run those programs or else you may come across additional problems.

Power option settings

How to boost your windows 10

It’s also one of the simple tricks to boost your Windows 10 performance.  Click on Start and then go to Settings. In the new window go to System Settings > and look for Power & Sleep tab on the left. Look for Additional Power Settings and set the option to “high-performance power plan”.

Disk Cleanup

How to boost your windows 10

Disk cleanup is used to clean all the junk files which are slowing down your system.  To use this Disk Cleanup go to Start and search for Disk Cleanup. Launch this tool and it will automatically scan for junk files in the system. You will see multiple options here, like “Download program files”, “Temporary Internet files”, “Thumbnails”, “Temporary files” and “Recycle bin”. Add the tick to all and wipe out the junk files from Windows 10.

Delete Unnecessary Files

How to boost your windows 10

A simple Windows 10 hack frees your hard drive space and also reduces system load. Press Windows + R and type temp. ” Click on Ok and a folder will open up. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files in the folder and then press Shift + Delete. This will permanently wipe out all the junk files from the system. If you are unable to see the temp folder then try %temp%.

Reset this PC

How to boost your windows 10

Keep this as the last alternative to speed up Windows 10. You can Reset the pc to wipe out all unwanted software and restore Windows 10’s original settings. For this search for Reset this PC in the Start Menu > Search Box. Type Reset this PC and follow the on-screen instructions. Do not forget to backup important data from the system or else you will lose everything.

There are many other ways and tricks to speed up your system performance but these are some of the easiest and less time-consuming hacks.