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How To Hack Google Chrome Dinosaur Game (2023)

A secret hack for offline Dinosaur Game on Goggle Chrome.

There is not a single person who hasn’t played this dinosaur game. Yes, I am talking about that dinosaur game that you play on Google Chrome when you don’t have an internet connection. Though it looks like a very simple game, as you move further in this game, you will notice that the dinosaur has increased its speed and apart from the cactus, some crows will be flying too ahead.

If you get hit by any of those crows while jumping, then you are knocked out. What if you never die in this game and become immortal. It is possible and simple too. You just have to activate a certain cheat code, and you will impress your crush, cousins, friends, etc. Even you can achieve the cool tag of a hacker.

how to hack google chrome dinosaur

How To Activate Cheat Code for Google Chrome Dinosaur Game (2023)

After activating this cheat code your dinosaur is going to pass through those cactus-like you are the “Vision” from Marvel Avengers. Let’s begin;

First Turn Off your Internet Connection and then head towards Google Chrome, where this game appears

If by chance the game does not appear then move your cursor towards your address bar and enter – chrome://dino

how to hack google chrome dinosaur

Now Right -Click anywhere on your screen and a dropdown menu will appear and then hit on “Inspect

how to hack google chrome dinosaur

A new window will appear on your screen and in that window head towards the “Console” tab

Now you have to enter a command to hack this game, copy the below-mentioned commands;how to hack google chrome dinosaur

  1. Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}
  2. var original =  Runner.prototype.gameOver (If the above command doesn’t work then insert this command first and then the above one)

how to hack google chrome dinosaur

Finally, your dinosaur will become immortal. To test how it works, close the inspect window and press the space bar. Now you will notice that your dinosaur is running through the cactus.

How To Stop This Hack

Once you have scored the highest score like (10,000) or any other, and if you wish to stop this hack so, that no one can beat your high score, you have to just paste the below-given command.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

Some Other Cheat Code Of Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Jump High – Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity(10)

Increase Speed – Runner.instance_.setSpeed(500)

You can change the value from the bracket according to your own choice.