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How To Download Free Songs From SoundCloud – Windows/macOS/Android/IOS

Now listen songs even if you don't have Internet Connection.

SoundCloud is one of the leading platforms which allows you to stream, watch, share songs, podcasts, etc. Basically, it’s the best platform for all the new creators. If you are a new content creator or planning to become one, you can try your luck on SoundCloud.

There are thousands of people today who use SoundCloud daily to listen to music and also share them. What if you wish to download your favorite song with which you fall in love. SoundCloud allows you to listen to songs but also to download. If you wish to listen to that song while traveling but while traveling internet connection doesn’t work well. So, at that time the downloaded songs are beneficial.

No worries, we are giving you the two best sources through which you can download your favorite song from SoundCloud.

how to download free songs from soundcloud

Download Songs From SoundCloud

We are mentioning the two best websites and also the steps to download any content from SoundCloud.

Download with Sclouddownloader.net

how to download free songs from soundcloud

  1. Head towards your Soundcloud and search for your favorite song which you want to download. Now you copy the URL link of that song.
  2. Right-Click on that song and hit on copy link location or copy URL Link.
  3. For example, we are downloading “Charlie Puth’s – We don’t Talk Anymore”how to download free songs from soundcloud
  4. Now go to the sclouddownloader.net website and paste that URL link in the downloading box which you have copied.
  5. Hit the download button beside the downloading box.

Three buttons will appear on your screen if by any chance the download button doesn’t work then you can right-click and hit on the “Save Link as” option. You also have an option to add this site in your chrome extension, it really supports great quality.

Download with KlickAud

Klickaud is a great online tool to download songs from SoundCloud in MP3 format. Check how can to download from this website. This site also follows the same steps to download video from SoundCloud.

how to download free songs from soundcloud

  • Copy the URL link of your favorite song from Soundcloud
  • Then head towards klickaud.co website and paste that Url link in the download box
  • Hit on the download button and it will start processing
  • Now click on the Download Song option and your song will be downloaded.

Now you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere, anytime, even if you don’t have an internet connection, without downloading any external application. There are some songs in SoundCloud which have the option to download and you can listen to them when you are offline. But it depends on the artist whether he wants to allow this option to his listeners.