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How To Create The Perfect Video Business Card [Guide]

Videos are more impactful in sharing the information, thus making the idea of video business cards instantly striking. Here is how to get a perfect business card that will stand you apart from the crowd.

Business cards make the most crucial part of the business. We are living in an era where business is going more online. As a result, the conventional types of business cards have become obsolete. Video business cards have started becoming popular and sound more futuristic. Thus, we can say that business cards have seen a remarkable evolution from their invention till now. The video business card can be of two types, i.e., one in the form of online video and the other paper card having a small screen in the form of a chip to display the video.

Videos in video business cards are a great way to introduce your brand, product, and contact details. You might be thinking about how you can create a perfect video business card and what information should get included in the videos. In this article, you will get an answer to all your video business card-related questions. Also, it is not only about creating a video but quality and professional video. For that, you need good video editors. Let us start exploring the video business card.

What is a Video Business Card?

A video business card is the futuristic one that consists of the traditional printed business card content and the LCD screen. The card gets activated, and the video starts playing on the LCD screen as soon as the card gets opened. With the help of a video business card, businesses can add vast information in tiny formats. We know that the videos are more impactful in sharing the information, thus making the idea of video business cards instantly striking. They are the most effective way to impart information by bridging the gap between the traditional printed business card and the video business card.

Use a Video Business Card For – The video business card can get used by both businesses as well as individuals.

Businesses can use it to:

  • Share business details along with the latest developments, achievements, products, and services.
  • Explain the use of complex products more clearly through the video medium.
  • Create personal testimonials to gain people’s trust in your business.

Individuals can use it to:

  • Share contact details along with the recent work through video animations and music.
  • Make a personal impression through the introduction video.
  • Include the summary of skills, projects, abilities, and other details in a creative way.
  • Show customer success stories and testimonials showcasing your success.

Content for a business video card

A video business card includes all the information contained on a traditional business card. These include who you are, what your company does, and how to contact you. Below are the content details to add in the video on a video business card:

  • Name and contact information: This is the most apparent detail to include in the business card. Start the video with an introduction about you and your business and contact details, such as phone, email, address, and website. You can add a clip of the location of your business too.
  • Explainer content: Include how to use your product in your video. It will let users understand your product and know if it is for them. As per research by Hubspot, 72% of people use the brand video to understand the product.
    Interview or Testimonial: You can also include the interviews or testimonials to gain the user’s trust and legitimacy through these faces.
  • Branding: Include the company logo or brand name at the start and end of the video as an intro and outro, respectively. You can also add the music or jingle associated with your business. It will let people know about your brand.
  • Call to action: Dynamic call-to-action is another must-have element of the video business card. Through call-to-action, you can request users to register for the newsletter, fill the contact form, visit the website, etc.

How to create a perfect video business card?

Below are some of the tips that you can choose to create a perfect video business card. As we discussed, content for the video is a vital part and a video editor is another necessity before finalizing the video. Read the below tips and make the best video business card for your company:

  • Select the shape and size: Business cards are usually rectangular, but you can choose any geometrical shape based on your industry and brand. If you do not want to experiment much, you can opt for the vertical card instead of a horizontal one.
  • Stick to the basics: The simple and basic designs make the card look elegant and the best. Some people believe that simply means boring, but that is not true, especially in the case of video business cards. Your design should align with your brand logo, the color scheme you choose, and the typography. Also, these should be consistent with your website.
  • Do not forget the basic information: The video business card should include information, such as your name, company name, contact information, and CTA. These are the most basic information that a user looks for in a business card.
  • Use Professional template: Use the professional template to create a professional-looking business card. The template needs to be selected cautiously to give that first good impression to the client.
  • Use a good video editing tool: The video should get adequately edited to give it a professional look. You can use any good video editors that you need to make impressive and professional videos for your video business card.

Where to promote your video business card?

A video business card can take you to outreach the audience as compared to typically printed cards. Video business cards allow you to promote your business using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Facebook can get you billions of views each day. You can set the video as your featured video on the business Facebook page and add a link in the bio. Similarly, you can use YouTube to add a trailer to your channel. So the video will play automatically when a user opens your YouTube channel.


To conclude, this article was all about creating the perfect video business card. Undoubtedly, a video business card is the future-oriented business card that businesses are opting for. The video business card boosts the business and outreach to the audience. To make great videos, you can use InVideo. InVideo is the best video-making and video editing software. There are several video editing software, and InVideo is one of the best and worth trying.