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How To Connect AirPods To Any Android Mobile Phone

Yes, it is possible to connect your AirPods with your android devices.

If you are a great fan of Apple Airpods, you will definitely love its features, its aura. After wearing it, the earphone makes you feel or look cool in front of friends and family. Unfortunately, you are an android user or want to try those Airpods with your android mobile phone. But the problem is that your mind is been hammered that Apple products work with only Apple devices. This is where you get the wrong impression, as you can easily connect the Apple Airpods with any Android device.

How can Airpods connect to Android Device?

The same question may arise in your mind. So, to be clear AirPods has Bluetooth, which acts as a common source between AirPods and any other device which allows Bluetooth connection. Now it’s crystal clear that AirPods can be easily connected to any of your Android Mobile Phones.

how to connect airpods with android mobile

How To Connect AirPods to Android Mobile

You can connect Airpods to any Android device and enjoy songs, audio, podcast, etc. Firstly you have to pair Bluetooth with your Android Phone and your AirPods. Follow the below steps:

  1. Head towards your Settings area in your mobile phone and long press Bluetooth Icon.
  2. You will enter in Bluetooth settings and then tap on the Search Nearby Device/Pair New Device option.
  3. Now press the Pairing button on your Airpod case which is at the backside, press until you notice white light on the front of your Airpods case.
  4. After this, your phone’s Bluetooth will show you the names of your nearby active devices. Now tap on the AirPods device name which will appear on your phone’s Bluetooth list.
  5. Finally, your Android phone is connected with Apple Airpods.

Something You Must Know

Though you have connected your Airpods with your Android Phone, still there are some things you will not experience with these Android devices. For example with iPhone, you can use the single Airpod and another one you use to keep in your AirPod case. The same thing you can’t do with Android Phone.

You will not see the Battery life of your AirPods and also have no access to “Siri” since you are using the Android Phone.

So, for your comfort, you have an application on Google Play Store named Assistant Trigger. This app will show you the battery level of each AirPod and you can even access your voice assistant, which is none other than the Google Assistant. There are many things you can explore in this application.