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Resident Evil 8 Village Demo Guide – How to Block and Kick Enemies?

Important Combat Tips to Defend in Fight. Do not let them bite you!

Resident Evil 8 Village demo is out and it allows you to play 30 minutes of horror adventure. As the game begins, you will see Ethan is searching for his daughter in a remote village. Haunted by monsters the entire village seems empty and people are hiding away. There is no help coming up at the present. As you enter you will find a mysterious figure that later reveals itself as Lycans. They are the most common enemy in the game. You can kick them and block their attacks. Here is how to do the same.

How to Block Enemies Attack & Kick Enemies?

The first type of enemies, you will encounter in Resident Evil 8 Village are the werewolves, or in more traditional terms Lycans. They are wild and can attack you from every unexpected corner. In simple words, they have infested the village. Thankfully they are not smart enough to chase you down. They are much easier to kill and they also dropped important resources like Gun Powder, Rust Scraps, etc. So do not forget to grab the items after killing these monsters.

RE8 Village How to Block Attack

When you’re facing one of these creatures there are two things you can do. First, you can stun these enemies by shooting on the flour bag near the houses, trees, or in the field. So make sure you have one of these around you when you’re being attacked or lure them towards the sacks.

RE8 Village Guard

On PlayStation, press L1 to guard yourself, Ethan will cover his face with his hands. The enemies can hit with their weapons, so this is not going to work for a long time. Press L1 again or the associated key the two instantly kick them away. In this way, you can guard yourself whenever you’re getting attacked by multiple enemies. The first way I shared is about stunning them, by shooting the flour bags these Lycans will halt for a while. This gives you a break from the attacks, inf injured pull out the Med Kit to head or just run away and hide somewhere.

Resident Evil 8 Village has many houses with movable doors. You can lock them up to block the chasing enemy. But this does not guarantee your safety, Lycans can break the doors and windows completely. What you have to do is keep your weapon ready, shoot them through windows. This is best when there are more than one Lycans or any different type of monster chasing you.