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How Many Keys in Standard Keyboard?

Want to know how many keys are there on your Keyboard? Let's see in this guide.

Keyboards are the most important typing component on any device you use. As it gives you the ability to give commands by typing to your system. It is the most used peripheral as you use it to quickly open programs and also use it to type or give commands in the software. But, while using your keyboard, a question often arises in our mind, how many buttons does a keyboard have. So, today in this guide we are going to explore the question of how many keys a standard keyboard has.

How many Buttons Does a Keyboard Have?

standard keyboard

With the improved performance of the computer, even its peripherals like the keyboard have evolved. There are different keyboards made by different manufacturers as they add different keys to give a unique look to their keyboards. Here is a standard count of keys that are common in all these keyboards. So let’s see exactly how many keys are there in a standard keyboard.

How many Keys Are There For a Windows PC?

Keyboards for PC are always large and have a classic look of a Number pad and the alphabet pad with navigation keys and control keys in between them and all the function keys above these keys. But for Laptops, it differs based on screen size. The count for a QWERTY Keyboard varies from country to country.
Here is a list of all the standard keyboards with their key count.

  • Original IBM Keyboard (1981)- 83 keys.
  • New IBM Keyboard (1983) – 84 keys.
  • AT Keyboard – 84 keys.
  • AT Enhanced Keyboard – 101 keys.
  • US Traditional Keyboard – 101 keys.
  • Upgraded European Keyboard – 102 keys.
  • Windows Keyboard – 104 keys.
  • The keyboard of the laptop that runs on Windows has 86 Keys.
  • Windows-based Multimedia keyboard varies on special keys added.

How Many Keys Are There on an Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboards have more keys than a Windows Standard Keyboard for a Desktop. But it has fewer keys for both wired and Laptop Keyboards to make their keyboard look smaller. Here is the Standard count for Apple computers:

  • Apple Keyboard with Numeric Pad – 109 Keys.
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard – 78 keys.
  • Apple MacBook Air Laptop – 78 keys.

Miscellaneous Keyboards

A Keyboard used for gaming or for programming or controlling a media center often has 110 to 115 keys. These extra keys are for different functionalities. Some Mac Keyboards have 19 function keys on Mac.

These are the key counts for a standard keyboard used for a computer. If you want to play PS5 using computer peripherals then here is a guide on How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse on PS 5.