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When Is Google Photos Free Storage Ending?

Check what is happening to Google Photos after June 1.

Your times up now you can’t just remain chill about your photos and videos, which you have uploaded on google photos to save your device storage. Google is now ending the free unlimited storage policy by adding some storage plans for users. After June 1, your Google photos and Video of high quality will be counted in 15GB free storage. That includes Drive + Gmail too. If by any chance you run out of storage without having its backup before June 1, you are losing your data.

Google Photos Subscription Plans

Take a look at these subscription plans and the new management tool feature which will be helpful to free up your space.

Google photos end of unlimited storage

Subscription Plans

If you are completely out of storage you can subscribe to google one and buy whichever plan according to your own choice. Take a look at this Indian google one subscription plans table.

  1. Storage Plan 100GB – Rs.130 Monthly & Rs.1300 Annually.
  2. Storage Plan 200GB – Rs.210 Monthly & Rs.2100 Annually.
  3. Storage Plan 2TB – Rs.650 Monthly & Rs.6500 Annually.
  4. Storage Plan 10TB – Rs.3250 Monthly.

Each Google One plan can be shared with up to 5 members. If you find these plans out of your budget then before June 1 clear the unwanted data. Google has also added a new storage management tool to free up space easily.

Storage management tool

With the help of this tool, you will come across all the low-resolution photos or videos, blur photos, screenshots, and videos with large storage. By management tool, you can remove unwanted storage and stop exceeding 15GB of google storage. To avail of this, you have to head towards account settings in Google photos > tap on Back up option > then Sync settings > Manage Storage.

The Google One policy is not for Google Pixel users. If you have Google Pixel 5 or Google Pixel 2 this policy of storage is not for you. You can still access the unlimited google storage after JUNE 1.