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Different Between Gold vs Platinum PSU

This Gold vs Platinum PSU comparison guide has all the details you need to know which power supply unit is the best.

If you are building a PC or upgrading your power supply, you might be wondering what is the difference between a PSU with a Gold rating and a PSU with a Platinum rating. Hence, in this Gold vs Platinum PSU comparison guide we will explain what these ratings mean and how they affect the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your power supply.

Gold vs Platinum: What’s the Difference Between these two PSUs?

Gold vs Platinum PSU

The difference between Gold and Platinum PSUs depends on efficiency quality, and reliability. Any PSU which is Gold-rated can run with 87% efficiency minimally under the 100% load. You can recognize a Gold-rated PSU by the yellow-colored certification on its sides as well as on the packaging. On the other hand, the Platinum-rated PSU can run at 89% efficiency under 100% load, and you can recognize them by the silver-colored certification on their sides as well as on the packaging. If we talk about numbers, an 80 Plus Gold will be drawing 791W of power from the wall to provide 700W of power to components inside your PC. On the other hand, 80 Plus Platinum power supply would draw 777W for the same 700W of power supply wherein the excess +10% power drawn will go to waste, while the rest of it goes to your PC.

Which One Should You Choose?

The choice between a Gold, and a Platinum PSU depends on your budget and your power needs as mentioned below:


Platinum PSUs are more expensive than Gold PSUs because they use more advanced technology and higher-quality components. However, they also save you more money in the long run by reducing your electricity bill and lasting longer. Hence, you should weigh the initial cost against the long-term savings and decide what works best for you.

Power needs

The more power you need for your PC, the more important it is to have a high-efficiency PSU. A high-efficiency PSU will reduce the heat output and stress on your components, which can improve their lifespan and performance. You should also make sure that your PSU has enough wattage and connectors for your PC components.

In short, both the Gold and Platinum PSUs are the best considering the efficiency rating and durability of these PSUs. However, if you have a moderate budget, then Gold PSU is best for you and if you don’t have any problem paying a bit more money then you should go for the Platinum power supply.

With that this Gold vs Platinum PSU guide ends. To get clarity on which power supply unit should you choose here are our 3 best 500-watt power supply guide or the 5 best fully modular power supply guide.