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10 Best Games Like GTA for Windows 10

Try these games which are very similar to Grand Theft Auto

Playing games where you can explore the whole city, village, whole world is always fascinating for every gamer. One of the known games amongst the above-mentioned category is GTA (Grand Theft Auto). After playing GTA 5 each gamer is in search of a similar type of game, in which you can explore everything, complete missions, ride a bike, or drive throughout the city. Check out the 10 best games like GTA 5 for PC below.

We have gathered such games which will make you feel like you are playing any other version of GTA. You can play any of the below-mentioned titles with gaming consoles of PS4 and Xbox One.

10 Best Games Like GTA 5

Try these games if you want to take a break from GTA 5 or if you want to try some new game settings or new characters.

Sleeping Dogs

best games like gta

The undercover cop tasked with infiltrating the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong. Convincing the triads that he’s one of them will be no easy task.

They’ll push him to his limits, testing him, blurring the lines between lawful and criminal. He’ll have to kick, punch, and slash his way to the top with a cleaver. Blood will be spilled and when his fists get tired, he’ll be executing his enemies with a fury of bullets whilst speeding away on a motorcycle. You will enjoy each location of the Hong Kong region.

DownloadSleeping Dogs

Red Dead Redemption 2

best games like gta

It is a very interesting game that includes shootout, hunting, heist, horseback riding, interaction with non-player characters. Basically, you have to maintain your character’s honor ratings through moral choices and deeds.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there is much to explore in this world, and enjoy going with the flow of the story. You can play this open-world game for many hours, without getting bored. Enjoy the 1899’s crime cities of the United States.

DownloadRed Dead Redemption 2

Mafia Series – Definitive Edition

best games like gta

After the successful launch of Mafia 3, you have another part in the Mafia series. The Definitive Edition is the great part of the mafia series released in 2020.

The basic storyline of Mafia Definitive Edition is, The City of Lost Heaven got hit hard by The Great Depression, and the advent of Prohibition in America means lucrative business opportunities for mobsters. The Salieri and Morello crime families vie for control over Lost Heaven, even as its few honest policemen scramble to maintain order.

You will really enjoy playing the whole mafia series on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

DownloadMafia Definitive Edition

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

best games like gta

Though you find this game’s timeline very long back ago, you can do everything in this whole game like you would use to do in GTA 5. Only you can’t ride or drive in this game. Still, it’s the best open-world game that you will play.

It is packed with a great storyline, graphics, every character in this gameplay is rough-tough and huge. You will fall in love with their unique weapons.

DownloadAssassin’s Creed Valhalla

L.A. Noire

best games like gta

L.A. Noire is a neo-noir detective action-adventure video game. In this whole gameplay, you are like a free bird to roam the whole beautiful city of Los Angeles.

You can roam the whole city just for fun or you can linear missions or side missions to make your city clean and safe from the upcoming crimes. To catch the culprit you have to run your brains and solve the case. In this game, you are a quite responsible person and you can’t just carelessly open fire in the street of Los Angeles.


PayDay 2

best games like gta

If you are influenced by the web series money Heist (La casa de Papel) and are in search of a game like that including open-world like GTA, then Payday 2 is the perfect match for you. In this game, you have to plan the robbery and move ahead according to your plan.

You have full freedom to visit the place where you are going to plan the heist check every possibility of not getting wasted. I shouldn’t say this but, “All the best for your Heist” and plan a perfect robbery.

DownloadPayday 2

Watch Dogs 2

best games like gta

If you want to try the game with a perfect comeback for its other versions then you must try Watch dogs 2. This game is a good replica of GTA which allows you to explore the city along with some interesting side missions.

You can even hear the conversations of the other groups standing on the street. Also, you can check their criminal history. I am sure you are going to enjoy this game on your Windows 10.

DownloadWatch Dogs 2

Other Games Which You Must Try

The below list of the games are those titles that are much similar to the GTA gameplay and which you should not overlook. So, try these games for once in your free time for sure.

Yakuza 0 

You don’t get much freedom in this game like the others. But you will enjoy playing this game. The fighting scenes will make you feel like you are playing Mortal Kombat.

Far Cry 5

There are many side quests in this game and also you can talk with the other street characters. Killing the creepy face characters will be your priority.

Just Cause

In this Just Cause series game, you have more to do with science and physics, along with guns, action, explosions, etc. If you love that type of game then it is a perfect match for you.