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How to fix “If Your version of Windows 10 has Reach End of Service” Error

It will not much time to fix your problem, read properly the below information and read till the end since you don’t miss any important part regarding fixing your problem.

“End of service” this notification will pop up if only if you are using an outdated version of windows 10. What will happen now? Will my PC or Laptop will shut down? Do I have to stop using my device? The answer is NO you don’t have to get so panic thus; these updates are generated by windows itself so it is good to keep your device updated to the latest version of Windows 10.

How to Fix Windows 10 End of Service Notification?

Windows 10 End of Service Error

  1. The easiest way to Fix this Error is by running the latest Windows update. Click on Start Menu > Settings > Search for Update Security.
  2. Click on Check for Updates and install all the latest ones.
  3. Another way to fix this error is to click on the “Restart Now” option which will be on the notification. Once you have clicked on the restart option, it will go for an update automatically.
  4. After the Update latest version of Windows 10 will be installed.


  1. If you wish not to update the new version and just overlook the “End of service” notification. But if you do this you are going to miss the upcoming security updates for Windows 10.
  2. Avoiding updating the latest version is going to risk your confidential data.


  1. You will get various changes and the latest upgrades updating to the latest version 20H2.
  2. New security features will be given by Microsoft so, it will reduce the chances of getting viruses on your device.
  3. This update is free of cost you don’t have to pay for this new update of Windows 10.

Additional Information

Windows 10 Home and Pro was started on 07/29/2015 and it will retire on 10/14/2025.

Versions from 1507 to 1903 are all expired no security updates are provided by Microsoft to users using those versions. On 11th May 2021, the 1909 version will also get expired so if you are still using it then update to the latest version immediately.

Versions Start Date End Date

  1. Version 20H2 – 10/20/2020 to 05/10/2022
  2. Version 2004 – 05/27/2020 to 12/14/2021

These two are the active versions of windows 10 having one of them is good but it’s better to have the latest version of Windows 10. This is a simple hack to get rid of the alert notification of “End of service”. It’s better to keep your windows updated to stay away from such notifications.