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How To Fix iPhone SE 2022 3rd Generation Randomly Shutdown Issue?

iPhone SE 2022 has an issue with the battery and sometimes it randomly shuts down. Here are some common fixes to try before sending it to Apple Care.

Battery drain is a common issue in iPhones, especially after an update. This can be later resolved by another update from Apple. But if this thing continues then there is an issue with the device. One more common error we are tracking in iPhone SE 2022 3rd Generation is random shutdown followed by battery drain. To help you out with this if you own one of the same devices I am going to share some instant tips. If nothing works you will have to carry the device to Apple Care. Because it can be a serious hardware issue with the device that cannot be resolved by basic troubleshooting.

iPhone SE 2022 3rd Gen Randomly Shutdown

iPhone 3rd Gen SE 2022


A few things to notice before taking the device to Apple Care. Because they cannot be fixed and it is a plain indication the phone hardware is not proper. Nothing can be done from the software’s side.

  • The battery drains instantly within an hour.
  • If apps are crashing.
  • Gesture not working.

How To Fix Random Shutdown?

  1. Back up your phone and perform a full reset.
  2. If the issue appears back after a week so, take the device to Apple Care.
  3. Do not overcharge the iPhone, disconnect charging when the battery is fuill.
  4. If you live in a very hot environment, issues with the battery will remain the same.
  5. Run the latest iOS Update.

How to fix Battery Drain?

  • Put the device on Lower Power Mode.
  • Set display off to  30 seconds.
  • Turn on Auto-Brightness from Settings.
  • Set Location Services permission to allow only while using the app.
  • Use airplane mode during nighttime.
  • Check battery health from Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

In simple words, you will have to factory reset your device if you want to resolve these random shutdowns and battery drain on your iPhone. This work most of the time, but this does not help then wait for the next iOS update. Only if ts due in a short time. Or else you will have to carry the iPhone to Apple Care where they will run a diagnostic test. If they do not find any issue, your device will be returned. It is best to capture a video of such an issue, just in case if the issue does not appear during check, check you can still convince Apple Care to take it.