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FIFA 22 Closed Beta Release Date – How To Sign Up for a Code, Leaks, & More

Another FIFA 22 closed beta will start this Wednesday. Unfortunately, it is not an open beta, but at least it could provide new information.

FIFA 22 Closed Beta: Sign Up, Release Date

According to reports, EA is holding another closed beta for FIFA 22 starting this Wednesday, August 11th. Some users confirmed on Twitter that they had already received their invitations over the weekend. This also means that it is a closed beta. So if you haven’t received any news from EA, you’re unfortunately not part of the party.

How To sign up for a code in Fifa 22?

Apparently, the codes were randomly distributed by EA, however, only to players with a verified EA account. In addition, if you have signed up for the game on the EA website you should get set for the beta, as the publisher can contact you by email anytime when there is news about events and promotions. Simply go to the EA website at this link and sign up and make sure that your EA Account preferences are properly set accordingly to be eligible for a Beta code.

FIFA 22 Closed Beta Leaks, Info, and More

Even if you are not one of the lucky participants in the beta, the upcoming test phase could at least provide you with new insights into FIFA 22. That was the case with the first beta, which was held around June. For example, the file size of the football simulation was leaked: on the PS5, FIFA 22 needs 39 GB on your SSD. This number is not final, however, and it will probably differ on other systems.

Another leak gives us an insight into the new game mechanics. On the one hand, you now have a third option to change the player you control. To do this, press the right analog stick down and three players will be marked. Now push the stick in the direction of the desired footballer. This should be much more precise than the previous methods (R1 or right stick).