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Where is the End Call Button in iOS 17

Check out the guide below to find out where the End call button is located in iOS 17.

The iOS 17 update is going to have some new features and major changes. This includes changes in Messages, Phone, Facetime, Live Photos, and much more. Even though the only feature that has been in the news is the positioning of the Red End call button. Apple has ditched its traditional red call button placed in the center of the screen which was used by the company for its iPhone models for so many years. Want to know the position of the End call button in iOS 17? Then check out our guide below.

What is the Position of the End Call Button in iOS 17?

where is the end call button in iOS 17

People did not pay attention to the positioning of the End Call button in the iOS beta update until it was covered by various media presses. The button was moved to the bottom right corner in the first 5 updates of the iOS 17 beta. The keypad was replaced by the end call button at the center of the screen. The move was made to create space for the Contact Posters, a new feature that is been added in iOS 17.

The Contact Posters features will display the images of the caller with whom you are having a conversation. However, the sixth beta update of iOS 17 repositioned the end call button to the bottom center with minor changes. The end call button will now be surrounded by buttons unlike before where it would be at the bottom alone.

Another reason for positioning the end call button lower on the screen might be due to the larger screens of the new iPhones. This can make ending the call a little difficult. The iOS 17 is going to be revealed to the public this fall. It will be launched after the much anticipated iPhone 15 in September this year. Till then iOS 17 beta is available for some users. This way Apple can get feedback and fix bugs if required.

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