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How to Download Songs from Spotify (2023)

Here are the steps to download songs from Spotify.

Are you really annoyed with the hugely popular YouTube music streaming service and can’t find a possible alternative to enjoy the songs you like most in the best possible way? No problem, you can rely on an even easier way by using Spotify, which is also a free or possibly paid music streaming service. Spotify is considered by many to be the king of music streaming services: in fact, the application is by far the most used worldwide. In this guide, we will see together how to download songs from Spotify below.

How to Download Songs from Spotify (2023)

download songs from spotify

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services compared to others available in the market. But what if you wanted to download songs from Spotify and use it in all respects as a travel companion complete with a favorite music library on your smartphone? The solution exists and everything is within everyone’s reach!

To download songs from Spotify legally, however, we will have to enable a monthly subscription service at a price. The basic subscription plan costs $9.99 per month – the options are two single accounts or family accounts. In the second case, the cost rises to $14.99 per month but you will have five separate accesses available that will allow you to share Spotify with your family. To register, just go to the official Spotify website and click on “subscribe” at the top right and enter all the required data correctly.

Download Music from Spotify to Smartphone

  • First, you have to open Spotify on your device.
  • Below you will immediately find a magnifying glass to search for songs, albums, and any playlists. Select it to access the search panel.
  • On the next screen, you will have the possibility to enter the desired search term. In addition to albums and artists, the Spotify music streaming service also allows you to search for the playlists created within the system, once you have found the one that best suits you, all you need to do is just have to select it to open the dedicated tab.
  • At this point, to download from Spotify, you just have to move the control lever placed near the word download to the right.
  • Wait for the download to finish to have your favorite songs available even offline and without the need to be connected to the Internet.

That is everything you need to know about how to download songs from Spotify. If you are interested in more Spotify Tips and Tricks, then check out our other guides on How to Hide and Unhide Songs on Spotify, and How to fix Spotify Can’t Play Downloaded Songs Offline.