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Download MozBar For Google Chrome (All-in-One Seo Toolbar)

MozBar allows you to perform an SEO-Audit of any page your visiting. Check SERP Ranking, DA, Verify Link Metrics & More.

Here is how to get Mozbar on  Google Chrome. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that displays various metrics directly through the web browser. If you are into SEO or looking for detailed info about any website then Mozar will help you a lot. It displays key matric’s like Page Authority, Domain Authority, SERP Ranking, On-Page Keywords, Link Metrics, Page Elements, etc. You can also pull out the date in the form of a CSV file directly from the add-on. The extension allows you to store the same in the form of a CSV file format. You can use the same thing to analyze and check out all stuff later on. Here is how to simply download and install Mozar on Google Chrome.

Moz Toolbar for Google Chrome

Chrome Moz Toolbar

Moz Toolbar is available for free download from the Chrome App store. The easiest way to install this open the download link on Google Chrome. Signup with a free Moz account and login into the toolbar. You can then get an instant SEO audit of any page you are visiting. Below are the best features of Moz Toolbar.

  1. Check out Custom Search by modifying the Search Engine, Region, etc.
  2. Instantly check Page Authority and DA for any site or page.
  3. Compare Link Metrics, checkout inbound links.
  4. Get on-page keywords, meta and verify link status.

Moz Toolbar is also best to use for finding Keyword Difficulty. If you are in the SEO field then this is a key metric to rank your page on the Search Page. If you are aware of the keyword difficulty then it becomes easier to target the right content on the website. It plays a huge role in finding out what will work and what has a lot of competition. Second, you can also subscribe for premium features to get tips on Page Optimization. You will get suggestions from Moz on how to improve the page ranking by finding out the right keywords. With premium, you can scan out more details about the page status on the SERP.