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Does Google Pixel 7 Has Wireless Charging?

In this article, you will find out all the details about whether Google Pixel 7 supports Wireless Charging or not and best wireless charger for it.

Wireless charging nowadays has become a norm and it is mostly a superior feature that we see in the latest smartphones. From the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to the latest model of iPhones, nearly every major smartphones now support wireless charging in this year. And to this terms, why does Google need to fall behind? Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you everything about the wireless charging feature of the Google Pixel 7 smartphone in detail below.

Does Google Pixel 7 Support Wireless Charging?

Google’s latest smartphones such as the new Google Pixel 7 as well as the Pixel 7 Pro support wireless charging with the Qi standard. Qi charging is a feature that lets you to charge the Pixel phones without connecting them to a wired charger or a cable. All you need to do is just put your phone in a wireless charging stand or pad and your phone will start charging.

However, you should also know which wireless charger should be compatible with your specific smartphone. So, in that sense, below I will list down some best wireless chargers for Google Pixel 7 smartphones.

1. Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin BoostCharge is a pad designed to deliver fast wireless charging up to 10W for Qi-enabled devices, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more. It is small, simple, and compact, therefore easily transportable and space-saving. With this model, you can recharge your smartphone equipped with a protective case (case up to 3 mm). It’s an excellent wireless charger with a value for money guaranteed at a price of $19.99.

2. INIU Wireless Charger

INIU Wireless Charger

The INIU Wireless Charger comes with a vertical design. Overall it offers 15W super-fast charging, wide compatibility, built-in overload, over-current and over-voltage protections, foreign object detection, plus a convenient self-adaptive LED indicator (bright in the daytime and dim in the dark). Of course, it supports both vertical and horizontal charging. At the right price of $15.99, it’s a real deal.

That’s everything you need to know whether Google Pixel 7 supports wireless charging or not. If you are looking for more Google Pixel Smartphone Guides, check out our other articles here: How to Turn off Live Caption on Google Pixel, and Where to Download Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro Factory & OTA ROM.