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Do You Have to Charge AirTags?

Here's a guide that explains whether you have to charge AirTags and how to find out the remaining battery life of an AirTag.

Apple AirTags are tracking devices created by the Cupertino company to help owners of an object find it thanks to their Apple device. In fact, these are small coin-shaped devices that are designed to be clipped to objects such as keys, bags, suitcases, pets, and so on, so that they can be traced if they are lost. However, many people are confused about whether AirTag requires any special kind of charging or if it has a small battery inside that needs to be replaced every now and then. Well, worry not, as in this guide we will explain to you whether you have to charge AirTags in detail below.

Do AirTags Need to Be Charged?

do you have to charge AirTags

The short answer to whether you have to charge AirTags is No. AirTag usually comes with a disposable battery that can be replaced easily, as per its usage.

In reality, the battery present in the AirTag is not rechargeable. It uses a coin-like CR2032 cell. It has been and still is widely used in some models of watches and garage remote controls, for example.

According to Apple, the battery of the AirTags lasts, on average, one year. And when your charge gets too low, iPhone can notify you that it’s time to make the switch. When that time comes, make sure you buy the right type of battery, which you can easily find in markets and online stores.

With the new battery in hand, turn the AirTag over so that the metal part is facing up. Press the cap counterclockwise with two fingers and remove it. When installing the new battery, make sure the positive side is facing up. After changing, close the compartment by turning the lid clockwise.

How to find out the remaining battery life of an AirTag

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the Devices tab.
  • Then select from the list the AirTag for which you want to check the battery.
  • A new pane will appear.
  • You will find the battery level below the name of your AirTag.

That is everything you need to know about whether you have to charge AirTags. In the meanwhile, check out other similar types of AirTag Guides only on our website TechNClub.com: Why is AirTag Beeping and How to Fix Sound Alert Issue, and How to See AirTag on iPhone.