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Where to Buy Windows 11 Ice Cream

Here's where you can buy Windows 11 Bloomberry ice cream right now. Called Bloomberry ice cream, it is made by Mikey Likes It shop.

On the official launch of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, Microsoft decided to offer special Windows 11 ice cream in the United States. The blueberry ice cream was actually first offered for free during the launch of the new operating system. It was created in collaboration with Mikey Likes It. Now many users are looking to get a taste of this ice cream. So, in this article, I will tell you from where you can buy the Windows 11 Ice Cream and at what price it is sold.

Here’s Where You Can Buy Windows 11 Ice Cream

windows 11 ice cream buy

You will be glad to know that the Windows 11 ice cream is available for purchase for a limited time. It is simply called as Bloomberry ice cream and was made by the famous Mikey Likes It shop to celebrate the release of Windows 11 last October 5, 2021.

For his part, Mikey Likes It promises that this Windows 11 ice cream is a real treat, which was given for free for the luckiest Microsoft users during the launch of Windows 11 in the East Village and Harlem. It combines blueberry ice cream, pound cake, chocolate candies, and a blueberry pie filling.

So, if you are one of those who were left out to taste the ice cream during the launch of Windows 11, you will be happy to know that the operating system-inspired ice cream is now available to purchase at Goldbelly online marketplace.

The price of the Windows 11 ice cream is $79. Users will also get a $25 discount if they are ordering for the first time. You will get four pints of Bloomberry ice cream, which also includes shipping and dry ice packaging cost.

Even though the Windows 11 ice cream is expensive, it can last up to 18 months in your freezer. So, if you want to order a few and taste them to celebrate the launch of the Windows 11 operating system, you can now buy them easily at a premium price from the marketplace listed above.

That is all you need to know about from where you can buy Windows 11 Ice Cream. For more information on the latest operating system of Microsoft, check out our other Windows 11 Guides right now only on TechNClub.com.