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Can you buy Crypto with Credit Card? (2023)

This guide has all the details you need to know if you can buy Crypto with Credit card or not.

Crypto coins are one of the most popular digital currencies that are considered to be revolutionary innovations that will replace real-life currency which is a debatable topic. However, many people who are curious about Crypto would have many queries related to transactions. One such query is if you can buy Crypto with a Credit card. The answer to the same is in this guide.

Crypto: Can you buy it with a Credit Card?

Can you Buy Crypto with Credit Card?

Buying a Crypto with a Credit card is a question that many people have, especially as cryptocurrencies become more popular and mainstream. However, the answer is not so simple, as there are many factors to consider before deciding to use your Credit card to purchase Crypto as mentioned below:

Check if the Credit cards are accepted

Firstly, you need to check if your Credit card issuer and your crypto exchange allow you to buy Crypto with a Credit card. Some Credit card companies, such as Bank of America, Chase, and Discover, do not permit crypto purchases with any of their Credit cards. Some crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance, do not accept Credit cards at all, while others, such as Coinmama and CEX.io, accept only Visa or American Express cards.


You need to be aware of the fees and risks involved in buying Crypto with a Credit card. Most Credit card issuers charge a cash advance fee and a higher interest rate for crypto purchases, which can add up to a significant cost over time. Moreover, crypto prices are very volatile and unpredictable, which means you could lose money quickly if the market goes against you.

Compatible Wallet

Finally, you need to have a secure and compatible wallet to store your Crypto after you buy it. You can use any wallet that supports the type of Crypto you want to buy, but make sure you have full control over your private keys and back up your wallet regularly. Also, you can use the BitPay Wallet, which allows you to store, swap and spend your crypto easily.

In short buying crypto with a Credit card is possible but not advisable for most people. It is better to use other payment methods, such as bank transfers, debit cards, or cash deposits, which are cheaper and safer. However, if you still want to use your Credit card to buy Crypto, make sure you do your research and compare the options available from different issuers and exchanges.

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