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Six Best Bus Simulator Games for Android 2023

Get the best bus simulator game for your Android device with the help of this guide.

As a gamer, we love to play more realistic and into-the-real-world experience games. Simulation games are the ones that give you such experience. Also, there are different vehicle simulation games available on Android and iOS devices. Recently, bus simulator games have been loved by many gamers. But, Android has many different options to offer on Play Store for bus simulator games. To solve this, we have listed out the six best bus simulator games that you can download on your device and get the experience of real-life bus driving.

Six Best Bus Simulator Games On Android (2023)

Know how to drive a public transport vehicle with the help of these real-life bus simulator games in 2023. We have brought you the best six games for great simulation, real-life traffic, and different experiences. Check this list and get the one that is best for your device.

Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia

The first on the list we have is the Bus Simulator Indonesia. This game has been built with real-life Indonesian towns and cities and offers buses from Indonesia. Also, the graphics and fun honks on buses make the game more interesting. Initially, it is difficult to handle the steering, but it becomes easier with practice. Also, you can play online with different players and maintain a leaderboard. The app is only available on Android devices.

Coach Bus Simulator


Next on the list of Android apps, we have Coach Bus Simulator. This game allows you to become a coach driver. Also, it has more than 20 different buses with an open world map, where you can explore different cities and places. As a coach driver in the bus, you can take people from one city to the other and explore different real-life situations, weather conditions, and more across the globe.

Bus Simulator 2023

Bus Simulator 2023

Another interesting bus simulator game for Android is Bus Simulator 2023. The game allows you to have experience from all over the world with different cities and weather conditions. Also, you get to customize your bus and choose from diesel, hybrid, articulated, or other bus types. The game comes with three modes; Free-ride, online, and Career. Also, the app offers a live chat option to have your friends on the same route as you.

Bus Simulator – Ultimate

Ultimate Bus

If you are looking for a game with the best graphics and visuals, this game is for you. You can explore different countries, regions, weather conditions, and more on the Bus Simulator – Ultimate app. Also, you get more than 30 different buses to choose from and even you can buy second-hand buses from the market. The game gives you 25 different language support with easy control setups. It can be downloaded for free on your Android device.

Public Transport Simulator

Public Transport

One more interesting game that will give you the feel of a real bus simulation is the Public Transport Simulator. Also, this game has a sequel, Public Transport Simulator – C. This game has similar features to other bus simulator games but has more vehicle options. The game comes with different missions and levels to complete and unlock new vehicles and buses. You can easily download it from the Play Store for your Android device.

Mobile Bus Simulator


Last on the list we have is the Mobile Bus Simulator. The game comes with simple tasks to pick, drop, and move people from one place to another. Also, the bus and different modes in the game are completely customizable and you can even change the camera view for your convenience. The game comes with simple and easy graphics to handle and learn better driving skills.

These are the six best bus simulator apps that you can download on your Android devices for the best real-life simulation experience. Also, you can drive these vehicles and act as public transporters. If you want to read more about such games on Android, refer to these guides – Best Car Simulator Games For Android or Best Airplane Games For Android.