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Top 7 Free & Secured Web Browsers For Windows

List of top free and most secured web browser for Windows Platform. Download best web browsers for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

We have the 7 best web browsers for you. Every person has these demands from their web browser, first, it should be fast in response, simple interface, every search history should be secured, delivers you the exact demanded information quickly. These were some basic requirements we have from any web browser we used. Don’t worry we have noted down all your requirements and came up with these 7 best web browsers for windows.

7 Best Web Browsers For Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

Let us get started with the list of best web browsers for your Windows platform.

Google Chrome

best web browser for windows 10

The worldwide known and having billions of users using this web browser. You will get every piece of information on these web browsers. You can also Chromecast your content, download whichever content you want. Google Chrome supports cross-device. Easily sync internet history, tabs, bookmarks, set a password, play online games, and many more. This web browser can also be used on Linux, macOS, iOS, ChromeOS, Android. Google is a highly secured site and one of the earning platforms.


  • Bookmark Management
  • Extensions
  • Various Themes
  • Private/Incognito Mode
  • Bulk of Information
  • Simple Interface

Microsoft Edge

best web browser for windows 10

This web browser consumes less battery and storage, the reason behind this is its background services are removed which makes this browser lighter and easy to use.  From the new Edge browser, you can run almost all the Google Chrome extensions.

Now, this Microsoft edge is available on Apple macOS and even on the older versions of Windows 7 and 8. You are allowed to share the web pages from one PC to another or some other contacts also via the “Nearby Sharing Feature

In the coming days you may witness the new Microsoft Edge feature which is still in a process of development, the upcoming feature is like web capture.


  • Simple Interface
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Available for older windows versions
  • Nearby Sharing Feature
  • Supports progressive web apps

Mozilla Firefox

best web browser for windows 10

If you are in search of the most highly secured and safe web browser, then you must try the Mozilla Firefox web browser which will fulfill your wish. With its quantum update, Mozilla Firefox has become a completely independent browser.

Also being an open-source and non-profit browser, it doesn’t share your personal data with any of the third-party organizations. There are tons of extensions on the firefox add-ons store which you can download and make your browsing experience more interesting. With the help of the task manager, you can track the feature or tabs which are using your more resources. Firefox various free themes which you can change according to your choice.


  • Password Free login
  • Sync and send tab to all other devices
  • Pocket integration
  • Variation in Themes
  • Known for keeping the user’s data private


best web browser for windows 10

Opera is also a chromium-based browser, that allows you to try on the extensions from the chrome web store as well as from the Opera Add-On store like this, there are more than 1000 extensions.

Users which have low bandwidth can make use of Opera Turbo Feature which compresses the web traffic. You can customize your workspace by adding or removing some extensions on the sidebar of your window. Opera Tool where you can add shortcuts like a bookmark, history, and make your work easier and faster.


  • Ad Blocker
  • Screenshot Tool
  • VPN Service
  • Currency Converter
  • 1000+ Extensions
  • Turbo Feature


best web browser for windows 10

Vivaldi is much similar to the Opera web browser but some customization makes this browser different from the Opera browser. The new feature is the keyboard shortcuts, and you can also change those keyboard shortcuts according to your comfort.

You get different types of blocking levels like no blocking, block trackers, block trackers, and ad, you get these three levels of security by Vivaldi. Other features include quick notes, screenshots, edit sidebar, sync device, and many more. Chrome extensions are available here, if you are looking for a secured, plus easy navigating web browser then Vivaldi is best for you.


  • Blocks Trackers, Ads
  • Highly Secures
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Sync Device
  • Chrome Extensions

Torch Browser

best web browser for windows 10

If you are searching for a browser to download free media content like movies, tv shows, web series, songs, etc. Then browser is the perfect browser for you. Torch Browser has a built-in integrated media grabber which gives you access to those sites where you can download free video and audio content.

You will come across all those features which you get inside the chromium browser, also the most popular website Torrent is available on this browser. Even you can change the theme of your Facebook profile by the additional feature named Torch Facelift. There is a great variation in themes, the interface of the Torch browser is quite similar to the Google browser.


  • Built-in Torrent manager
  • Unique Themes
  • Media Grabber Tool
  • Torch Facelift
  • Download Accelerator

Tor Browser

best web browser for windows 10

One of the secret browsers where your search history is kept extremely private by this web browser. Tor browser clears the cookies and keeps your search secure once you are done with your web surfing. Tor is another level-up version of Firefox. You get all the extensions of the Firefox add-on store.

This web browser blocks browser plugins like Flash, Quick Time, Real Player, to mask your IP address. It is the best site that you can download for your Windows 10. There is Multi-layered Encryption that works as a strong secure tool and keeps your data private and safe from hackers.


  • Fastest Web Surfing Platform
  • Extremely Secured
  • Masks you IP Address
  • Multi-Layered Encryption

These are the 7 best web browsers you should try for your Windows. Each browser gives us different and attractive features. All of these are popular and regularly updated browsers for Windows platform.