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3 Best Smartwatches To Monitor Glucose Levels – Capture Blood Sugar Instantly

Glucose Level can be tracked through a Smartwatch, but there is no guarantee for accuracy. Make sure you verify the same using a good quality Glucose Monitor.

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels was usually done through Glucometer devices like Contour Plus ONE. The better the device is the more accurate it will be giving you an instant Blood Glucose Level. The same tech is now being introduced into a Smartwatch. Devices like Apple Watch can offer you more than just Blood Pressure monitoring. It can provide you with Blood Sugar levels, Cardiac rhythm, etc. These watches use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology to track your blood sugar levels in real time. Here are some suggestions for smartwatches you can use for managing your blood sugar level.

Top Smartwatches To Monitor Blood Sugar

Before we dive into the best smartwatches that monitor glucose levels, it’s important to know how exactly they work and what is CGM. CGM sensors are inserted under the skin and send glucose readings to the smartwatch. The smartwatch then displays your glucose levels through the information it receives. Some smartwatches also have alarms that can alert you if your blood sugar levels are too high or too low. That’s why, it’s important to know that the smartwatches themselves cannot read glucose levels, they are only an extension of the data sent by the CGM. There are three Smartwatches that have proven to come with a good Health Tracker. Still, it is recommended that you double-check your Blood Sugar Level with a high-quality Glucometer. They are  Apple Watch Series 7 / Series 8, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Fitbit Sense.

Apple Watch Series 7 / 8

smartwatches monitor glucose levels

The Apple Watch is by far the most reliable and accurate smartwatch for tracking glucose levels. In the past, the original CGM monitoring by Dexcom started with the Apple watch itself. This smartwatch is known for its highly accurate health features and tracking. However, these high-quality features come with a steep price point too. If you are really serious about wanting the best and most accurate readings, this smartwatch is for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

smartwatches monitor glucose levels

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also markets itself as a health-centric smartwatch. It is compatible with most of the common CGM from companies like Dexcom and One-Drop. It even supports other third-party applications that can be used for tracking glucose levels through your CGM. This is the best all-rounder choice for a health-centric smartwatch that can track glucose levels.

Fitbit Sense

smartwatches monitor glucose levels

The Fitbit Sense is a great choice for monitoring glucose levels at an affordable price. Despite being cheaper than the other ones above, it boasts similar features. The accuracy can be taken with a grain of salt however, for the most part, it is going to work as intended. But, this smartwatch does not support many CGM technologies or third-party apps, it can only work with Dexcom CGM.

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