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Which is the Best Smartwatch that can Measure Blood Pressure

Here's a list of the best smartwatch that can measure blood pressure, including Apple Watch 7, Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and more.

The blood pressure watch is the best way to keep your blood pressure under control at all times. Blood pressure is a barometer of your health. Blood pressure that is too low or too high is an indication of a bodily condition that requires medical attention. Unfortunately, you can’t know your body’s blood pressure status unless you take the test or go to a specialist doctor. The easiest way is to acquire a blood pressure smartwatch on the wrist. In this article, we have selected the most reliable and best smartwatch that can measure blood pressure for you and we give you the list below to choose it well.

Best Smartwatch that can Measure Blood Pressure (2023)

The smartwatches that assess blood pressure with the highest ratings are usually from branded companies. Some, like Apple and Samsung, make all kinds of gadgets. Others specialize in health products. Here’s how they fare in blood pressure smartwatch design and pricing.

1. Apple Watch 7

best smartwatch measure blood pressure Apple Watch 7

At first, Apple introduced this watch as a luxury gadget for checking the time and listening to music. Over time, the company realized the immense potential of the smartwatch if it could offer fitness services. The watch is bold and beautiful. For more important features like blood pressure assessment, the Apple Watch is FDA-cleared to monitor irregular heartbeats. However, this feature only works for models newer than those running watchOS5 and later.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch4

best smartwatch measure blood pressure Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung technologies have always been a valid alternative to Apple and that remains true when it comes to health watches too. From design to health specs, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 looks plush and is worth the price it charges you. The face of the watch is circular in shape. It not only offers the time and date, but it also offers a wide range of additional services. Samsung gives you the choice of an LTE model or a Bluetooth smartwatch device. Samsung’s fitness watch can monitor your heart rate and six other activities including a blood pressure monitor.

3. Gokoo Watch

best smartwatch measure blood pressure Gokoo Watch

If you want to get all the features offered by Samsung for a better price, consider the Gokoo smartwatch. This watch seems quite ordinary but displays up to six health-related activities. From calorie count to speed, Gokoo is a complete fitness tracker. The smartwatch sells for a really decent price and has the blood pressure function. For the price, there are no great risks.

4. Asus VivoWatch

best smartwatch measure blood pressure Asus VivoWatch

It is suitable exclusively for iPhone users, and the Asus Vivowatch does not work on Android devices. However, it tracks your heart rate, sleep patterns, and happiness level. Crazy, right? That doesn’t make you happy though. The watch lacks Apple’s high-tech screen but makes up for it with a battery that keeps a charge for up to 15 days.

That’s all there is to know about which is the best smartwatch that can measure blood pressure. In the meanwhile, also check out similar types of guides on our website TechNClub.com: Best Smartwatches to Monitor Glucose Levels, and 4 Garmin Smartwatches To Buy In 2023.