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Best Skins for PS5 Controller In 2023

Here is a list of the best skins for PS5 controller that are required to ensure all-round external protection of your joystick.

One must not forget to prioritize guarding the PS5 controllers, the soul of a gaming console. Choosing a skin for your controller is one of the easiest and most essential tasks.  To guard your controller against any kind of external damage caused due to dirt, water, dropping it down, or scratches for that instance, you must choose the best skin for good grip and comfort which are the major factors determining your gameplay. Keep reading our guide to find out the best skins for your PS5 controller.

Top 3 Skins For PS5 Controller

Here is a list of the top 3 budget-friendly skins for PS5 controllers that ensure perfect grip and comfort. They also guard you against dust, water, scratches, or external damage.

eXtremeRate PlayVital Samurai Edition


PS5 Best Skins 2023

PlayVital is known for providing the best grip skins for PS5 controllers. Its Samurai edition takes the ergonomic design to another level. The lines texture that curves to the inner surface on each side of the controller provides great support and hold while playing.  This is a premium soft silicone skin that will surely guard your controller against all kinds of external damage. You can also choose your favorite skin from a variety of eye-catching colors. Get this skin on Amazon for $14.99.

Best PS5 Skin

If you are looking for a super comfortable affordable grip then extremeRate PlayVital Guardian should be your pick. It is made up of soft Silicone material of amazing quality. The grip is a notable feature of this skin. Furthermore, the ergonomic support is ensured with the inner grip and an additional joystick grip. Moreover, it perfectly fits around the controller providing smooth accessibility to the buttons while playing.  Furthermore, you can enjoy long gaming hours with your friends with its extra rubber padding on each side. This is available on Amazon for $15.99 in several vibrant colors.

Jusy PS5 Controller Soft Silicone

Best Skins for PS5 Controller

The ergonomic 360-degree design of this vibrant stylish Jusy skin ensures an easy slip-in of the skin on your PS5 controller. The silicone material ensures protection from water, dirt, and any kind of fall. Furthermore, it minimizes the chance of your controller slipping off your palms. Jusy PS5 comes with analog grips that provide a great grip for FPS competitive games. The case is super light and thin providing maximum comfort and grip. You can purchase this skin from Amazon.

These were all our top choices for the PS5 controller skins that prioritize grip, comfort, and protection. While you are here, you might be interested to read our guide on the best mobile controller for Apple Arcade.